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Year 5 and 6

The Orchestra


In Year 5 we are learning about 'The Orchestra'. Here is the link to 'The Young Person's Guide To The Orchestra.



Slave Trade

The 1500s was an age of exploration for the Europeans.

A New World was discovered that we now call North and South America. 

New plants were found in the New World like: sugar, tobacco, tea, coffee, cocoa and cotton.

The Europeans realised there was a demand for these products back home and so lots of money could be made.


However there was a problem with laborers to work the land. Europeans went to Africa and forced people to become their slaves. They were then shipped across the Atlantic Ocean to then work on the land to make money for the Europeans to become richer.


This is known as the triangular slave trade and was from Europe to Africa and the Americas.

Triangular Slave Trade

African Music Meets European Music and in Brazil The Samba is Born!

Rhythm 1 and 2

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Body Percussion (Viva la vida) - Percusión corporal

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