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Year 4

Alex video

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Mrs Southwell's play dough recipe  ( by popular request)


200g plain flour

100g salt

 1 tablespoon oil

 300ml water

 2 tsp cream of tartar

 few drops of food colour

200g plain flour


1. Put the flour, salt, cream of tartar into a bowl which fits in your microwave. 

2. Add the oil and the food colouring to the water. 

3. Stir the liquid into the flour until it is smooth.

4. Put into the microwave on FULL power for 1 minute. ( Be careful it will be hot!) 

5. Take out and STIR really well

6. Put into the microwave on FULL power for 1 minute.  Remove and stir well. 

7. Put into the microwave for 1 minute and then remove and stir well. 

It should becoming away from the edges and be almost like play dough. Then when it is a bit cooler, knead it until it is soft and flexible. Enjoy!


​Keep in an airtight bag and it won't dry out. The cream of tartar is important!





Hagg Farm was great wasn't it? Here's Day 3 for 4SH and 4I

Can you believe it is time to go to Hagg Farm already! Here is the final packing list for you in case you need a last minute reminder. Each group leave as close to 9.00am as possible and so we are asking them to come to the Hall on the day of departure at 8.30am onwards.

Hagg Farm

Hagg Farm packing list

Here's an overview of the exciting teaching and learning taking palce this term in Year 4.

Recommended books for our year many have you read?

Amazing homework in Year 4


Building teeth in MineCraft - another epic adventure by Ruby Ellis Productions


Here's this week's maths homework. Remember to set it out carefully.

Grid multiplication

What amazing homework you have all been producing. We loved your teeth films, powerpoints, quizzes and posters. Check out Ruby's amazing video below and enjoy Isabella's powerpoint quiz.

The Teith Lectures

Following the recent BBC Reith Lectures, we have our own budding Stephen Hawking with an interesting new take on science and presentation - it's Prof. Ruby Ellis with one of her 'Teith Lectures' !

Isabella's teeth presentation

Welcome back! 

This term we will be explorers, finding out whether Henry VIII was a hero or a villain. We have a great number of exciting things planned including a trip to Wollaton Hall. We are also learning about teeth. Here are some websites you can use to find out about teeth


You can also use MyMaths and Purple Mash to help you learn. Remember to stay safe on line. 

What we are learning this term

Welcome to the Year 4 page. Here you will find photographs from our lessons to celebrate our learning, reminders for homework tasks and links to help with learning times tables and spellings.

If you have any ideas about what to include, please let us know!

4S Getting our Digestive Juices flowing!

This week we have been learning about how food is digested.

We used a plastic bag to represent the stomach and orange juice to represent the gastric juices in the stomach. We looked to see what would happen to the bread we put in!


Then we mixed some porridge and placed that in the plastic bag (stomach).

We then passed it through a pair of tights to see what happens when food travels through the small and large intestine.

We learnt that

  • gastric juices break down food in the stomach
  • vitamins and minerals are passed into the blood stream through the walls of the intestine
  • the food loses water as it is absorbed back into the body


How to wrap a mummy - the 4S way!

Travel back a few thousand years to the times of the Ancient Egyptians.

What is wrong with these girls?

Doesn't our princess look beautiful?

Find out about Egyptian burial

Still image for this video

What did the mourners do ?

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Crystal Maze

In the first week we completed The Crystal Maze challenge.

We had to work together in teams to crack the mathematical codes.

What a sense of achievement when we finally completed our mission!


In our English lessons we are learning to retell an event, This article tells us what happened in the Heb Sed Festival. Look at the powerpoint to see pictures of the actions we are using to help us remember it.

Here are the links to the reverse partitioning game we played in Friday's maths lesson.

How far can you progress through the challenges?

Can you beat your time?