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Week beginning 30th March - Purple Mash writing tasks set as '2Dos'

Based on the book: 'A Bridge on Fire'

'It's 1940 and Kat has spent a weekend 'playing' at being a spy.  But without warning she's approached about a real mission...'


Chapter 1 task: Activity weekend leaflet

Chapter 2 task: Parachute jump poem

Chapter 3 task: Write the next part of the story after the cliffhanger

Chapter 4 task: True or False? Complete the template on Purple Mash to decide which character can be trusted.


Think about your vocabulary choices, range of punctuation, different sentence structures and ways to interest the reader.

What a brilliant, funny poem! By Chloe

Amazing writing from Ella!  This was based on the suspense story writing task from Purple Mash.


I looked around unknown to who would be there holding me hostage. They were taking me to a camp but who? Was it a German, was it Oater,was it Hitler himself? Questions flooded over me ​but eventually after about half an hour they came to a sudden stop. They dropped me and a rush of relief came over me as i saw a familiar face before my eyes." OATER im so relieved it's you! Where are we though?"

" Yes it's me. Where have you been this whole night? Anyway, this is our new camp this is where we will come at night."

"I was sleeping behind a tree where i landed like you said."


We ventured into the large wooden building. It was filled with beds and soldiers, some wounded some not. " Hi" I whispered,"I'm Kat"


By Ella 

Creative poetry from Reece!  This was based on the Purple Mash task linked to the story 'A Bridge on Fire'.




The plane was getting higher and higher​

I had no idea of what to do

My blood was pumping as my parachute was getting tighter

I looked down and had a query what should i do

Should I say no or should a be a fighter 

I will actually be a fighter


It was time to jump

I was biting my nails in a huge amount of nerve

I looked at Oater and the doors opened and i jumped

I pulled my parachute near the bottom and landed

WOW what an experience


I was free-falling finally

I felt a rollercoaster of emotions

Anxious, nervous, worried I couldn't pick

My fingers my toes even my face was numb

Until i felt a breeze of relief

I pulled my parachute and landed


That was unreal

My face felt like it was everywhere 

I walked into the woods thinking I just did that

My legs were like jelly

I am so glad I did that jump


By Reece

A brilliant use of rhyme in Esme's poem! 




I sat on the very edge of the plane

Knowing my life would never be the same

I looked down to the forest below

And then I knew I had to go

I took a deep breath with all my might

Hoping the Germans would not put up a fight

What on earth would happen to me

If when I landed I couldn't see

The plane coming to pick me up

The thought just made me panick struck

I hoped that I would not fall with a thump 

321 time to jump

As I fell, I put my hands like a cup

And pulled to make the parachute go up

It worked and I knew I was good

I landed gently with a thud

I was on the ground, safe at last

Laughing at my worried past

I shouldn't have worried about going thump

Now I know you just have to JUMP!!!


By Esme