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Wider Curriculum

VE Day Activities-We are celebrating our 75 year anniversary! Choose some of the activities below and complete the w/b 4th of May!


To explore and learn more about Ancient Greek culture and the impact it has had on the world today, have a go at some of these fun and engaging activities.


Join a young girl called Delphi on a virtual tour of Ancient Athens, to explore its famous sites and stories.



Design your own Greek pot online



Create some crafts inspired by the Ancient Greeks



Play a game of online knucklebones with Socrates



Travel back in time to the ancient city of Olympia, Greece, with Guardians of History, 'The Olympia Obstacles.', an interactive voice-activated audio game from Encyclopaedia Britannica - AVAILABLE ON ALL SMARTPHONES VIA THE GOOGLE ASSISTANT APP.


Speak like an Ancient Greek citizen




LKS2 WIDER CURRICULUM Home Learning TASKS – April/May 2020

REVIEW Look at the sheet from last half term as there will still be lots of activities that are still relevant.

Jo Wicks’ Daily PE

Mr Mulhern Music UCx_sipIepD4E_1nhc4ELt-g

Cosmic Yoga

Art for Kids Hub

Live zoo cams

Shoo Rayner Art Tutorials

Mo Willems Daily Lunch Doodles

Go Noodle


Daily Sign Language with Natasha Lamb
















Other sites to look out for include


Classroom Secrets free resources

TWINKL free resources

TTS free booklets and resources home+learning+activities.html

Gov UK site with lots of useful links

Online Safety

Resources linked to film (create a free account)

Ideas on Creative Curriculum and organising Home Learning


Baked Potato Listen to Matt Lucas’ song, read/watch Supertato by Paul Linett and Sue Hendra and then design your own Potato Character. You can find lots more inspiration by doing an online search for Potato Book Characters but don’t limit yourself to book characters. Perhaps you can do a self portrait in potato!

Online Safety It is expected that you may be spending more time online than you usually do – both to do your school work and because you are home more than usual. It is VERY important to stay safe online. Explore then make a poster to remind you how to stay safe online. Discuss it with your family and display it in your home.

Junk Modelling Whilst helping to sort out the recycling at home, gather some useful items to use for junk modelling. What could you make? An animal? A vehicle? A stationery organiser? A castle? A village? A musical instrument? A game? A rocket? Can you add decorations and detail? Even better if these are recyclables too!

Den Build a den to hide away in. Gather bed clothes, pillows, cushions and other items from around your home. Find a snuggly corner or, alternatively, as big space. You could even enjoy the weather and build outdoors. Try to make your den as sturdy as possible. Create an entrance and add other items to make it comfy. Now relax inside!

Time Capsule One day, not too far in the future, this will all be over and life will return to normal. Make a time capsule by gathering together newspaper cuttings, special photographs and other things that will help you remember this strange time. Search COVID 19 TIME CAPSULE for more ideas of what to include. 

Science Fun There are loads of ways you can explore science and engineering at home. is just one site that has lots of step-by-step instructions and video clips to introduce you to lots of fun experiments including Melted Crayon Art, Mini Trampoline, Magic Mug Cake, Fizzing Colours and Lava Bottles.

Get Gardening This is the perfect time of year to get involved in the garden. There may be maintenance tasks you can help with like painting the fence or the furniture, weeding the flower beds and even cutting the grass with an adult. Get planting flowers, vegetables and herbs. There is a lot you can do even without outside space.

Lego Challenge There are lots of different Lego (and Duplo) challenges available online or you could make your own. Draw out a grid and write a challenge in each box: a spaceship, a car, a hotel with a swimming pool, a box with a lid, something with wheels, a skateboard park, a marble run. Then build a different model every day.

Camping (Lockdown-Style) Pitch your tent in the garden (or even the living room) and camp out. Have a picnic lunch or include the whole family and have a garden BBQ. Are you brave enough to sleep out all night (get mum or dad to camp out too!)? If you don’t have a tent, make a camp by moving your bedcovers to the trampoline!

50 Things to do… has a list of 50 varied activities. You could either choose some from there or create your own list to do. You could write each activity on a lollipop stick or a piece of paper then select one at random when you are looking for something to do.

Cross Curricular Obstacle Course Set up a family challenge that gets everyone active and thinking! To begin with, set up an obstacle course (inside or outside) using whatever equipment you have. Now set a thinking challenge at the beginning of each section – it might be to recite your times tables, to spell some tricky words or answer a general knowledge question.

World Wide Knowledge Challenge yourself to learn all the countries in the world, match flags to the countries, learn the names of the 7 continents and the 5 oceans.

Countries Quiz

Countries Song This one is out of date – can you find out which countries have changed?

1000 years of the Monarchy There have been 41 kings and queens since 1066. Can you learn all of them in order? You will find that there are poems wiki/Mnemonic_verses_of_ monarchs_in_England and songs to help you get all the way from William the Conqueror to Queen Elizabeth II. 

Family History Now might be a great time to interview the different members of your family as we have more time to spend together. Make a list of questions that you could ask and then carry out the interviews. You could write the answers or record them. You could even interview family members by phone or video calling.

Learn to Type How quickly can you type? It is a really useful thing to be able to do – especially if you have a computer with a keyboard. There are lots of free online programs and games where you can teach yourself.

BBC Bitesize Typing Mats



Friendship Bracelet If you have access to some wool or other thread, then friendship bracelets are a relaxing way to get creative. You just need 7 pieces of wool and a circle of cardboard. It looks complicated to begin with but it actually straightforward. You will find some instructions here

Paper and Pencil Games A really good way to have fun is to play games like Noughts and Crosses (Tic Tac Toe), Battleships, Sim, Squares (Dots and Boxes), Pictionary, Cows and Bulls (Mastermind), Jotto, Paper Telephone, Sprout. Instructions (and more ideas) can be found here

Learn a Language There are over 6500 different languages in the world. Some of them are spoken by millions of people, some are spoken by just a few. Rosetta Stone is giving free access to their site where you can choose from over 20 languages to learn.

Make a Movie Gather together some Lego figures or Playmobil characters or even a selection of teddy bears. You could also use household objects or make some playdough to make your own characters. Then use a phone or a tablet to take photos and create your own stop motion animation film. You can find more instructions by looking online. It’s also a great excuse to watch some of the best stop motion films like Wallace and Gromit, Boxtrolls, Shaun the Sheep.

Chores Now is a perfect time to develop more independence by helping out around your home. There are many, age-appropriate, chores that you can do that will be useful for the rest of your life: you could help with the laundry, washing up, sweeping floors, making lunch and looking after your pets. printable-age-by-age-chore-chart/

Get Learning Depending on what you already have at home, now might be a great time to learn a new crafting skill. Perhaps you could learn how to knit or crochet. Scrapbooking is another hobby to develop and a great way to gather special memories of this time. Maybe you could ask an adult to help with some carpentry or gardening or map reading or managing a budget.

Great Inventions What do you consider to be the most important invention of all time? What technological development do you think has had the biggest impact on human life? What discovery or invention would we not be able to live without? Do some research and have a discussion with the people in your home. What will you argue for? Television? The wheel? Vaccines? Aeroplanes? The calendar?

Join the Circus What resources do you have at home that you can use to learn some circus skills? Can you find some rope and two metal tins to make your own stilts? Do you have a diablo hidden away in a drawer because it got too frustrating? Can you find some small objects to learn how to juggle? Attach a long ribbon to a stick and make your own twirling ribbons. There are so many fun ideas and you can then put on a show for your family.

People who have Changed the World Who do you think are the 10 people in history who have made the biggest difference to the planet? Do some research, talk with the people in your family and write down the names and achievements of your own Top 10. Challenge the members of your family to list their own Top 10 people who have changed the world. Do you agree on all, some or none of them?

Colouring Many of us have a collection of colouring books, activity books and sticker books that we have put away and forgotten about. Now is the perfect time to hunt them out, sharpen your colouring pencils or grab your felt pens and relax with some colouring. It’s a good way to develop pencil control which leads to neater handwriting too!

Healthy Snacktime Are you getting bored of eating the same thing for lunch each day? Well, get creative and practise knife skills by making some fruit and vegetable bug snacks. Make sure you ask an adult to help when using peelers and knives – and take a photograph before all your bugs get gobbled up.




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