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Cotgrave Candleby

Lane School

Look back with pride and forward with confidence

Weekly WOW moments!

We have been blown away this week with your efforts and creativity returning after the Easter holidays.


Lots of you have logged onto ActiveLearn and Purple mash too.

Please continue to send us what you are up to so that we can celebrate together and give you a shoutout :) 

Jacob has been growing in confidence with measurement in maths this week.

Rhys got a Golden Postcard for really persevering with his work at home and is really proud of himself! You can see all his hard work in his Rainbow Eggs poem.

Abbie has been busy decorating a stone for the school caterpillar and reading a story she has written. 

Jacob and Jake worked well as a team to come up with some minibeast alliteration.

Kristof has been working very hard on understanding mass and has completed lots of extra challenges. 

Oliver persevered to produce some great alliteration ideas ready for writing his poem. 

Imogen has been doing some careful measuring and has been ensuring it is accurate.

Tom has written an awesome magnificent minibeast poem including lots of great alliteration. 

Sonny has come up with lots of ideas for his poem and created an awesome mind map. 

Eva enjoyed playing mini golf with her family and has completed an amazing fruit journey plan.

Eva has been searching for 3D shapes in her home and has even made some from playdough and other materials. 

Leo has been busy creating an information page using PM about the basic needs of animals. 

Jessica has also created a page all about the basic needs of animals using what she knows about the pets she cares for at home. 

Lily has been super busy going on nature walks, making collages and has made a Covid19 diary filling it with all the things she has been doing whilst keeping safe and happy.

Rhys has decided to write to one of his friends. I bet Arwen will be thrilled to receive the letter and will write one back to you!

Tom has been practicing his amazing joined up handwriting. He has created a fantastic story about Swordeagle and Badoraptor.

Kristof has been super busy this week doing lots of work on adjectives, nouns and verbs. He has really gotten stuck into the new topic too. 

Jake did some awesome measuring in school as well as writing some awesome sentences for his poem.

Abbie displayed confidence by sending us a recording of her reading a chapter of her book #confidence.  

Imogen has completed some fab writing tasks this week and is getting to grips with using adjectives to describe nouns. 

Jacob demonstrated his understanding of measuring in cm by measuring his hand. 

Emma has done some brilliant handwriting which is improving lots and she has been busy building some Lego worlds. 

Jack M has written, illustrated and performed a fantastically creative 'Rainbow Eggs' poem. He has been super busy as well doing lots of maths and science and has completed so many maths challenge books!

Elizabeth has been doing lots of science. She has been testing materials to see if they sink or float as well as going on a minibeast scavenger hunt in her garden. Look how brave she is holding the insects.

Tylan has been keeping busy by going for lots of walks and has discovered a love of muddy puddles.

#Perseverence wb 01.06.20 and 08.06.20

Evelyn has been making some honeycomb! She looks very pleased with the taste. Super jealous!

Lily has been busy completing some Shrek challenges and has written some fantastic character descriptions using ambitious adjectives. She has also been baking and doing lots of maths too! Well done Lily!

Tom has been persevering with his joined up handwriting and has written so many words joined up! You are really getting ready for Year 3!

Eva has been working very hard on her Maths work and has enjoyed using pasta and cherios to help with her counting. She has also enjoyed reading a story to her rabbits (who wouldn't sit still). 


Virtual Sports Day #TeamCandleby

Emma was one of the Flying High art competition winners with her fantastic certificate! #TeamCandleby!

Evelyn is having a great time doing the hurdles and sock and spoon, good concentration!

Lily enjoyed throwing her socks in the sock putt and tried really hard to keep that pair of socks on her spoon!


#FUN wb.11.05.20 and 18.05.20

Emma has been really creative this week making some nature art! She has also done lots of reading, maths and writing and making a fantastic Lego castle!

Tom has really gotten into our castle topic and has made his own shield! It has many cool features on it like an underground party DJ, a cherry tree (representing House Wood), two rockets, some crosses for doctors and nurses, 2 dogs and many other amazing ideas! Tom has also created his own comic strip for The Secret of the Sandcastle and has drawn his very own knight and dragon who look amazing! He also drew Sonic because he likes him and thought it would be #fun!

Lily H LOVES baking and has this week made some delicious gooey chocolate brownies and tasty pink cake. YUM! She has also been making the most of the gorgeous weather and has been splashing about on the water slide!

Tylan has been keeping active by doing more Joe Wicks workouts! He has been preparing some tasty, healthy drinks and snacks and has been watching his teachers on Youtube.

Eva completing some great Geography and History research! As well as writing a great set of instructions for how to catch a dragon!

Callum has made a cool fairground wheel at home and really #perservered 

Adrianna performed a play for her adults. She wrote her own script, sourced her props and costumes and performed with #confidence.

Isabella Tattersall is super proud of herself for learning to ride her bike without her stabilisers

#Pride wb.27.04.20 and 04.05.20

Emma has been really proud of herself for getting really good at riding her new bike. She has enjoyed lots of activities on Purple Mash and has been really creative in the garden too with her chalks to create beautiful pictures. I love the rainbow!

Lily H. has been really busy doing some Fe Fi Fo Fum challenges. She has written a diary entry for the Big Bad Wolf and has been thinking of some ways amazing verbs! There are 2 pages worth of ideas, wow! Lily has also been practicing some place value for maths!

Oliver has been doing some research on castles! He has been reading up on different features of castles, looking at castles around the world and has done some art. I can't wait to see your castle picture!

Rhys has been working on some maths and has been showing his workings out. He looks very proud of his subtraction there!

Bella and Sophia have been busy with finger print birds, addition bridging 10 and lots of research around a chosen topic - space! 

Eva has really enjoyed her learning this week and has shown perseverance completing her Maths on Length, writing an awesome book review and building a GIANT castle! 

Sonny has enjoyed himself re-capping some fractions learning - keep it up! 

Charlotte has logged onto ActiveLearn and purple mash and has been doing some awesome maths learning. 

Tyler has been loving his home learning, he has started a project on Space, made his own shop for his money learning and been baking, painting and going on nature walks too! What a busy week!

Lily H has been super busy making delicious chocolate cupcakes, a hot air balloon to spread happiness and love to all her neighbours, reading and doing lots of exercise in her garden.

Abigail had fun being really creative and making a 3D aquarium!

It was Rhys's birthday on Monday and he had an amazing day. Here he is with one of his presents.

Imogen has created an outdoor gym in her garden, made an NHS cake, played darts (& even beat her brother) and walked 21 miles! WOW!

Billie has been learning how to be an awesome new big sister to her new little brother as well as painting her rabbit hutch, baking, fishing and much more!

Gideon has been writing stories, finding out about electricity and playing maths games with his family as well as playing games on the trampoline!

Leo has been drawing castles & knights using chalk pens on his table and finding out special facts about dragons!

Kristof has been working hard on his Maths this week and he also carried out a Science investigation on floating and sinking!

Miss Cooper at Home

Miss Stone at home 


Miss Stone has had a very busy week as her little boy, Max, turned 2! They have been baking, playing games, getting lots of fresh air and of course eating lots of yummy birthday cake and opening presents!

Miss Philpot at home

I had a birthday in the Easter holidays and I celebrated with homemade pizza and lots of board games.

I have also been spending lots of time in the garden. I have developed a bit of a green thumb and I enjoy making the bees and butterflies happy by planting some flowers. It is my new favourite thing to do! I have also done a bit of baking, but I'm no Paul Hollywood!