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Week One: 04/1/21

The Beat and Tempo


Mr Beat taught us last year that the beat goes through music and stays steady.

You can probably remember making a heart like this one last year. 



Learning Objective


I can feel the steady beat and clap in time to a piece of music.

I know that the Tempo is how fast or slow the beat goes.

I know that a crotchet is often used to count the beat. 

I can draw a 4 x 4 grid to make 16 beats.

Task One

Listen to this video clip and see if you can join in clapping, tapping, marching in time with the beat.



The Beat

Still image for this video

Task Two

The speed of the beat is called the Tempo.

Sometimes the beat goes slowly and sometimes it goes fast. 

In this film there are two Italian words used to describe the different speeds.

Can you write out the two words and explain what they mean?

The Tempo or Speed of the Music

Still image for this video

Task Three

We often count the beat in crotchets. Remember the sticks go up on the right.



Try drawing some crotchets


Now draw this grid on a piece of paper and put a crotchet in each box.

You should have 16 crotchets.


       4 x 4