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Cotgrave Candleby

Lane School

Look back with pride and forward with confidence

Week Beginning 3rd November

This week we are looking at  

Cotgrave and Bonfire night 


We are learning about the where we live and what is in the village of Cotgrave.

We are going to take photos and have a go at making maps.

We will be learning about the sights, sounds and safety of Bonfire night.


Literacy: The book focus is 'Rosie's Walk'

(This can be found on youtube)

This book has no words so we and the children will be making up the story from the pictures.

We will be encouraging the children to listen as we tell the story and then asking them to re-tell it in their own way.

We will role play the story and think about what each character was thinking and feeling.

 Ask your child to re tell the story to you. What was their favourite part and why?

This a good book for encouraging to track the story on each page from left to right.

Can your child draw a map of Rosie's Walk ?



Understanding of the world: We will be learning about what is the village they live in. We will be looking at photos and drawing simple maps of Cotgrave and adding in the key parts of the village. 

Can your child describe their route to school? What do they see each day? Which parts of the village do they like? Which parts are useful to people? Doctors, shops?


Phonics: This week are learning about the shapes their mouths make when they make different sounds. Sucking, blowing, tongue stretching and tongue moving.

We will be exploring all the sounds the children can make with their mouths. oooo, eeee, weeeee, zzzzzz, tick tock, clip, clop .

We will also be playing 'eye spy' objects/people beginning with the sound... 

I spy a child a child who's name begins with a 'c' sound?.....


Maths: We will be revising the numbers 1-4 and the shapes triangle and rectangle.

Counting sets to 1-4  and recognising shapes in the environment.

We will be looking for numbers in the environment, on doors and signs.

Maybe your child could draw their front door and write the correct numeral on it.

We will also be learning about routes and locations. Can your child place a teddy 'in front of' 'next to' 'behind' 'under' another object.

Can you hide a teddy and give your child directions to find it?


Creative: We will be learning about the sights and sounds of Bonfire night! we will be making firework paintings and rocket pictures using rectangles and triangles.

The children will be exploring firework sounds with the instruments.


Other activities we have planned for the provision include: 

Building roads and houses with blocks. Talking about fire safety with role play of firefighters.

Drawing with chalk on black paper, cutting coloured streamers, role playing bonfires and roasting marshmallows.

Observing and exploring 'melting'. Threading beads, and threading pasta. 

On Friday we are having a Bonfire party. We will have a pretend bonfire in the unit, pretend it is dark and pretend to roast marshmallows. We are going to be making edible sparklers.



Enjoy your week and keep safe.

Don't forget to send us any photos! and fill in a WOW leaf if your child does something you're really proud of!

Remember there are other activities on our 'Helping at home' tab too.