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Week Beginning 30th November

This week we are learning about 

The Bear Snores On

and Hibernation



Literacy: The book focus is 'The Bear Snores On'

(This can be found on youtube)


We will be encouraging the children to listen as we tell the story and then asking them to re-tell it in their own way.

We will role play the story and think about what each character was thinking and feeling.

Why was the Bear asleep? How do you think he felt when he woke up?

 Ask your child to re tell the story to you. 

Can they think of a different ending?

Can your child recall all the animals in the story? Are there any they have not heard of before?

Can your child identify the rhyme parts in the story? 

Linking to our topic and work below in UW, we will be learning about Non Fiction (fact) books and using these to find out about what animals hibernate in winter.



Understanding of the world: We will be learning about Hibernation.

We will be learning about which animals hibernate and where they live.

We will be focusing on Bears around the world and their different habitats.

In relation to the story, we will be learning about seasons.

Can your child tell you the four seasons? what makes them different?

Why doi you think some animals hibernate in winter?

What do they think an animal might have to do to prepare for hibernation?


We will also be talking to the children about Advent and what this is. We will be making group calendars and learning about the count down to Jesus' birth.

Maybe you could tell them the Christmas story and explain that we count down to Christmas Day as the birth of Jesus.


Phonics: This week are carrying on our learning about RHYME.

Can you make a collection of items with the same rhyme ending? cat, bat, rat, hat

Can your child identify the odd one out of a set cat, bat, dog, rat....

Do you have any stories at home with rhyme in?

Maybe sing some nursery rhymes and get your child to fill in the end rhyme.

Humpty Dumpty sat on a wall, 

Humpty Dumpty had a great .........?


Maths: We will be learning about the number 6, and building with shapes.

Counting sets to 1-10  and recognising shapes in the environment particularly in animal drawings.

We will be learning about maths in real contexts. 

We are also learning about Day and Night.

Can your child make a day/night picture?

We will be ordering our day and talking about routines.

Maybe you could ask your child to tell you about their day and what order they do things?

This links to our topic and that some animals are Nocturnal.

We will be learning about time, the order of the day and seasons.


Creative: This week we will be making hibernation caves from various materials. 

Can you find a teddy bear in the house and make him a cave? We'd love to see a photo!

We will be exploring colour and shape when painting animals.

We will be exploring with torches and making Dens in the dark.

Maybe you could make a den at home and use torches.


Other activities we have planned for the provision include: 

Building bridges to get bears safely home. Making playdough animal prints and playdough nests with sticks.

Small world play with the characters from the story.

 Sewing bear shapes , Pretending to be the characters in the story in the new Bear Cave.

Playing with 'snow' and woodland bears.

Making Gruffalo cookies in the mud kitchen.

Starting to make Christmas decorations!



Enjoy your week and keep safe.

Don't forget to send us any photos! and fill in a WOW leaf if your child does something you're really proud of!

Remember there are other activities on our 'Helping at home' tab too.