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Week Beginning 16th Novemeber

This week we are learning about 

The Gruffalo 

and animal homes.



Literacy: The book focus is 'The Gruffalo'

(This can be found on youtube)


We will be encouraging the children to listen as we tell the story and then asking them to re-tell it in their own way.

We will role play the story and think about what each character was thinking and feeling.

 Ask your child to re tell the story to you. What was their favourite character and why?

Can they think of a different ending?

Can your child draw a map of where the Mouse went?

Can your child identify the rhyme parts in the story? 

Linking to our topic and work below in UW, we will be learning about Non Fiction (fact) books and using these to find out about where different animals live. 

Where did the animals live in the story? Log pile house, nest etc


Understanding of the world: We will be learning about animal homes.

We will introduce the word HABITAT.


We will also be carrying on our investigations into materials. Maybe you could find different materials in your house eg paper, cloth, clingfilm, foil, toilet roll and then drop water on them to see what happens......

What makes a good home for an animal?

Can you walk through the woodlands and see where animals live? 

In relation to the story, we will be investigating Shadows! If you have a torch at home, have a go too!


Phonics: This week are learning about the initial sounds in words.

Can you make a collection of items with the same initial sound? eg telephone, teddy, toilet roll, tin, tiger etc

(Any initial sound will work as we are learning to hear the sounds not focusing on the letter name.)

We will be extending this with alliteration relating to the book... Scrambled snake....

We are also starting a block on Rhyming. 

Can you group together objects or pictures that rhyme?


Maths: We will be learning about the number 5, and the shape OVAL.

Counting sets to 1-5  and recognising shapes in the environment particularly in animal drawings.

We will be learning about Longer than and Shorter than.

If you have playdough at home, maybe you could make snakes and compare their sizes?


Creative: This week we will be making nests from various materials. 

We will be making Gruffalo footprints by baking.

There are many recipes online for Gruffalo cookies. We will be using melted chocolate and rice Krispies.


Other activities we have planned for the provision include: 

Building houses with blocks. Making playdough snakes and playdough nests with sticks.

Small world play with the characters from the story.

 Cutting coloured snakes , Pretending to be the characters in the story in the new Gruffalo Cave.

Observing and exploring 'melting'. this week with Ice. 

Making Gruffalo cookies in the mud kitchen.



Enjoy your week and keep safe.

Don't forget to send us any photos! and fill in a WOW leaf if your child does something you're really proud of!

Remember there are other activities on our 'Helping at home' tab too.