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Week 9 -wb 22nd June

In line with our topic of "eggs and legs", all the activities we will be looking at will relate to the Roald Dahl classic 'James and the giant peach' which can be downloaded a chapter at a time (Chapter 3 is underneath this section). All that is left to say is enjoy and keep on reading!

Activity 1

Miss Philpot says "can you read chapter three of 'James and the Giant Peach' again and number the different events from the story in the order that they happen? (e.g. number 1 in the box next to the statement that happens first in the story). When you have them in order can you talk about each event and retell the key parts from the chapter?" (Don't worry if you can't print the document, each statement has been given a letter so you can just write the number when it occurs e.g. statement a = ?).

Activity 1

Activity 2

Miss Stone says "Can you read chapter three and think about the character who was introduced to us? What do we know about the Old Man? How do you know that? Which part of the text gives you that information? After you have found this information can you think about what he might be like as a person? Is he a good character? Is he a bad character? How do you know? Is he interesting?  How? Why do you think he gives James a mysterious bag? If you were James would you trust him? Using all this information Have a discussion to try and predict what the Old Man might do next in the story (don't forget to explain 'why' e.g. I think that he will tell James what to do with the items in the bag but I think he won't tell him what they actually do because he is a little bit strange and mysterious.)."

Activity 2

Activity 3

Activity 4 

Mr Moss says "Can you find synonyms for the following words in the text?"

Came out 





Make sure you research any words that you do not understand to help you along the way. 

You will find a recording sheet below the video.

Activity 4

Activity 5

Miss Cooper says can you answer the retrieval questions about this chapter. Read the text closely to be able to find the information. Mr Moss will help you with the first question.

W.b. 22.06.20 - Reading - Activity 5