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Week 7 - wb 8th June

Handwriting practise 

Please find below a range of videos to help support fine motor development and their letter formation. 

Step 1 - Practise writing the simple letter formation.

Step 2 - Watch Miss Cooper's video and practise your pre cursive letter formation and joining some words.

Step 3 - Put your handwriting into practise by completing the activities below. 


 Long ladder letters 


This video shows you how to form ladder letters correctly using pre cursive handwriting.

This video looks at the pre cursive letter formation of half the caterpillar letters c, o, a and e.

This video show you the formation of pre cursive caterpillar letters d g q f and s.

This video shows the letter formation of pre cursive letters r n m b h.

This video looks at the pre cursive letter formation of p and k.

This video shows the pre cursive letter formation of zig zag letters.


Activity 1 


Using this image of James from 'James and the Giant Peach' can you create 3 to 5 expanded noun phrases to describe him. Remember to put your best handwriting into practise to complete this task! #PRIDE!

Adjectives to describe the noun. 

Example: James, with his stripy, elongated tie looked at the juicy peach in shock.


Activity 2 

Here is a list of vocabulary that is used in the story of James and the Giant Peach. Can you practise writing these words in your best handwriting. I wonder if you can discuss what they mean with an adult and create your own dictionary so that you understand them. 

Activity 3 

Choose a giant fruit to bring to life and think about the journey your fruit might go on.

I wonder if you can include the vocabulary above too to make your sentences more exciting for the reader. 

Here is a list of adverbs you might also want to use to add extra detail. 

Remember to complete this in your best handwriting! #PRIDE

Example: All of a sudden, this ginormous plump peach, that was bulging with juice, was drifting past my tiny house gracefully.