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Week 7 - wb 8th June

Over the next few weeks we are going to explore a brand new story by one of the most famous authors of all time! In line with our topic of "eggs and legs", all the activities we will be looking at will relate to the Roald Dahl classic 'James and the giant peach' which can be downloaded a chapter at a time (Chapter 1 is underneath this section). All that is left to say is enjoy and keep on reading!

Activity 1

Mr Moss says "can you look at the different front covers for our new book 'James and the giant peach'. From this, what information can you pull out from them? What can you see that gives you that impression? Who might the characters be? What might the story be about? Discuss your answers with somebody in your house and see if they get any different ideas than you (remember because we are predicting its your opinion using the facts that you can see from the front cover so there is no wrong answer)."

Activity 2

Miss Stone says "Can you read chapter 1 and think about the main character we meet called James. What do we know about him? How do you know that? Which part of the text gives you that information? After you have found this information can you think about how he might be feeling about living with his Aunts? Will he be scared? Anxious? Using all this information Have a discussion to try and predict what James might do next in the story (don't forget to explain 'why' e.g. I think that he will run away because he doesn't like his Aunts and he has always wanted to explore the woods near the house)."

Activity 3

Miss Philpot says "can you read chapter one of 'James and the Giant Peach' again and number the different events from the story in the order that they happen? (e.g. number 1 in the box next to the statement that happens first in the story). When you have them in order can you talk about each event and retell the key parts from the chapter?" (Don't worry if you can't print the document, each statement has been given a letter so you can just write the number when it occurs e.g. statement a = ?).

Activity 4

Miss Cooper says "can you look at the sheet and find the synonyms on it within the text?" (Reminder: a synonym is a word that means the same as something else e.g. talk=discussed) there are clues on the pdf telling you which page the word is on. As an extra task you could highlight words that you don't know and research what they mean too.

Activity 5

Miss Stone says "Unfortunately in the book, Quentin Blake didn't draw the picture of James's house when he lived with his Mum and Dad. Can you draw a picture of it using the text below to make sure you have all of it's details that Roald Dahl described? If you want to add an extra challenge you could add more features to the drawing and write the sentences to describe it".


The bright, yellow sun smiled down on a luscious green valley where a beautiful house stood proud on the top of a hill. It was a two-storey house which was painted a delicate baby blue with white window frames and a vibrant red door. James's Dad had built the house himself so although all of the red roof tiles were oddly shaped and weren't the same size it was perfect non the less. In the attic there was a circular window that had a telescope coming out which James and his Dad would gaze out into the night sky to see the majestic stars dance. Around the house wild flowers of all the colours of the rainbow sprouted just above the long, wavy grass creating something that looked like a famous water colour picture.