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Week 7 - wb 8th June

Check your 2Dos on Purple Mash to find writing activities that are linked to the Reading Lessons. This week, two of our lessons are based around the last two chapters of the book 'School Swap.'


Now that we have seen Mr Jones react in a range of situations, create a character profile about him. Remember to use evidence from the story to support your opinions.

Now that you have finished reading School Swap, write a review about the story.


For the other lessons, here is a list of ideas for creative writing that you could try. Don't forget to email any work to us so that we can include it in the Newsletter.


  • If you could have any secret super power, what would you want it to be and why?


  • Write about 3 places you would like to travel someday. What do these three places have in common?


  • Write a short story about what it might be like if you woke up one morning with a mermaid tail.


  • Imagine a giant box is delivered to your front doorstep with your name on it. What’s inside and what happens when you open it?


  • Write about what would it be like if you had an alligator as a pet.


  • If you were in charge of the whole world, what would you do to make the world a happier place?


  • If you were in charge of planning the school lunch menu, what foods would you serve each day?


  • You are a mad scientist and have invented a new vegetable. What is it called? What does it look like? What does it taste like? Most importantly: Is it safe to eat?


  • Write about your favorite sport and why you like it so much.


  • You are walking through the forest when one of the trees starts talking to you. What does it say? What do you do?