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Week 7-wb 8th June

Our new topic this term is ‘Who can make the loudest noise in the world?’ with a real focus on sound. A recommended book for this topic is the Pied Piper by Michael Morpurgo and the Pied Piper of Hamelin by Robert Browning. Find 10 writing opportunities to do at your leisure during part 2 of the Summer Term. Challenge: Who can complete all ten activities and show some of their work to their teacher? Let’s get your work on our weekly newsletter!

Writing Activities

Create an explanation text all about Sound. How does sound travel? How is Sound made? How fast does sound travel? What is a pitch and volume? Draw diagrams to show how sound travels. There is a slideshow and writing activity linked to this on Purple Mash.

Research about the famous Scientist called Alexander Graham Bell. What did he invent? Tell me about his early life, his work with sound, his invention, work with deaf people and his legacy.

Create a comic strip about Alexander Graham Bell. Use your research from your previous work to tell the story of his fun discoveries and inventions. Add pictures, speech bubbles and colour.  There is a comic strip template on Purple Mash if you would like to use it.

Create a Poem all about how sound travels. Can you use Onomatopoeia? Adjectives? Adverbs? Verbs?

Create your own set of pan pipes:

Instructions: Use several straws to make a set of pan pipes! Each straw should play a different pitch when you blow into it. Flatten the end 2cm of each straw, and cut a triangle in the end. Prepare several straws like this, then think about how to change the pitch of the sound each straw makes. Stick or tie the straws together to make your set of pan pipes.

Writing opportunities- Explain how you made a high pitch and low pitch sound.

Explain how sound travels and then create your own telephone! You will need two paper cups, a sewing needle, 20cm's of string. Follow the instructions: 1. Poke a hole in the bottom of your cups 2. Thread the string through the holes and tie a knot 2. You and your partner hold a cup and move apart so the string is tight 4. Take turns talking through your cup. 


Sometimes sound is too noisy! For example, engineers would wear sound proof headphones when working with loud equipment. We would like you to create your own sound proof set of headphones using the following materials: Card, cling film, tape, glue, elastic bands, cotton wool, foam, fabric.

Writing Opportunities: Take a picture of your final outcome and write a set of instructions of how you made your sound proof headphones!

Create a newspaper article based around Alexander Graham Bell’s invention of the telephone! Remember, this was a long time ago! Make your newspaper look old (like Mr. Hewlett) and tea stain it!

Create your own song based around how sound travels! Will it rhyme? What will the chorus be? Get your parents to video this and send it in to your teacher 😊

Evaluation-What new knowledge have you found out about sound? What new vocabulary have you learnt? Add key words and phrases as a poster.