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Week 6 - wb 1st June

Our new topic for this half term is:

Eggs and Legs

Poetry explore challenges

Challenge 1: Eggs/Legs Haikus

Can you write a Haiku (see 'learn' section to learn how to do this) about an animal that hatches from an egg? (chicken, fish, penguin... what else?)

Or you could write a haiku about any animal with legs? Lots of legs (octopus, insects?) Interesting legs? Any legs!


Remember to count those syllables:

5 syllables

7 syllables

5 syllables


You could add pictures to present it beautifully too! 

Have fun with them and feel free to send any to your teachers! We would love to see them!

Here is an example:


Challenge 2: Eggs and Legs Calligram Poem 

Remember back to when we wrote our Bubble and our Great Fire of London calligrams.

A calligram poem means your poem is in a shape.


  • Can you create a calligram for an animal that hatches from an egg? (real or fictional?)
  • Could you even make a calligram poem about an unhatched egg? What might be inside? Can you give some clues? Can you hear anything?
  • Can you create a calligram poem for an animal that has lots of legs? What insects could you describe?


Think about how they move, how they look, what they eat, where they live?

Can you include:

- adjectives

- nouns

- adverbs

- verbs

- similies (like/as)

You coudl use these prompts to help you (adapt if you don't want to write about a frog)


Here is an example below, be as creative as you like!

Underneath is an egg template if you want to use it