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Week Beginning 12th October

This week we are looking at  



We are learning about the wonderful, colourful season of Autumn.

Looking at trees changes, leaves changing and the vibrant colours around us.


Literacy: The book focus is 'The Enormous Turnip'

(This can be found on youtube)

We will be encouraging the children to listen to the story and then asking them to re-tell the key parts.

We will role play the story and think about what each character was thinking and feeling.

 Ask your child to re tell the story to you. What was their favourite part and why?

Maybe you could take on a character each and act like them, maybe the old man had a deep voice or the mouse has a very squeaky voice?


Understanding of the world: We will be looking at Autumn all around us. We will be going on an autumn walk around school, perhaps you could sit outside and then encourage your child to use all their 5 senses to describe what they can see/feel/hear etc.

We will be making collections of autumn objects, such as conkers and their cases, acorns and leaves. We will be describing and talking about them using our senses.


Phonics: Listening to sounds, recognising instrument sounds. If you don't have instruments at home, maybe you could make sounds using everyday objects such as saucepans and mugs. Can your child tell you which one you are 'playing' if you hide it from them?

Identifying the initial sounds in words (not the letter names) What Sound does the word television/ kitchen / dog etc start with? 

What sound does their name start with? 


Maths: The Number 4 and the shape square. 

Counting sets to four and recognising squares in the environment. How many square shapes can you find in your house? Can you find objects in the house to count in sets of 4? 4 cups, 4 shoes, 4 toys...  

We are also learning about patterns.

Can your child recognise a two object pattern?  smileyheartsmileyheartsmileyheart 

Can they tell you if the pattern is wrong?  smileyheartsmileysmileyheart?

Can they make up their own patterns? You could use anything in the house! Shoe, fork, shoe, fork, shoe etc


Creative: We will be exploring autumn colours of red, orange, yellow and brown. We will be painting with brocolli! and making autumn trees. We will be tearing up paper and making autumn leaf collages. (tearing paper is good for their fine motor skills too)


Other activities we have planned for the provision include: 

Threading leaves (Hole punch the leaves and use string), threading pasta.

Making patterns with conkers and acorns

Making nature headbands (Sticking leaves and feathers onto strips of card)

Exploring Pumpkins! we will be scooping and mashing and generally playing them!

Developing our cutting skills by cutting leaves.



Enjoy your week and keep safe.

Don't forget to send us any photos! and fill in a WOW leaf if your child does something you're really proud of!

Remember there are other activities on our 'Helping at home' tab too.