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Cotgrave Candleby

Lane School

Look back with pride and forward with confidence

Week 5 February 1st


I really hope you are all ok ?

Did you manage to make a Den?


We are missing you so much. 

It has been so lovely seeing some of your work. Please keep sending it in to me.

I am printing the photos out and adding them to your journals in school.


This week our focus is 'Winter Sports'


Literacy and Understanding the World: This week's focus is on Winter Sports.

Can you find out about what sports are traditionally winter sports?

Can you find out about the Winter Olympics 2018? 

Maybe you could watch some on the internet.

Can you write or draw me any of the sports covered?

Is there a Sport you particularly liked? Why?

Maybe you could have a go at being a presenter and talking through a ski race?

We are also looking at textures and choosing materials that would be good to keep us warm!



Creative: We will be learning abut moving pictures. 

Could you have a go at making a skier or ice skater move across the page?

Maybe have a go at painting a mountain with a skier on it? 

Or drawing a person ice skating.



Phonics: This week we are listening for sounds and orally blending CVC words. These are Consonant, vowel, consonant words such as cat, dog, bin, jam, cot, rat, hat, log, tin, hen, ten 

I have attached a sheet of pictures at the bottom of this page.


Place a group of CVC objects that you can find,(or pictures) and sound out the word like a robot for your child to listen to and pick up the correct item/picture.

Ask them to do the same for you.

Throughout the day drop in odd words in robot speak! 

" oh no where is that d,o,g ?"

"Can you pass me your c,u,p ?"

Ask your child to play robots with you and say words in robot speak. 

"Mummy, where is my s,o, ck ?"



Maths: We are going to be sorting and playing with all shapes this week.

Can your child describe a shape for you? 

Maybe play "Guess my Shape" game... "I have three sides and 3 corners. What am I?"

Can you have a go at making shape pictures? which shapes are best for houses? for cars? 

Can you have a go at making new shapes from other shapes? for example a square from triangles? a rectangle from triangles?

Play puzzles. These are some of the best forms of learning about shapes and sizes.

We will also be focusing on recognising numbers.

Ask your child to be a number detective and look for numbers everywhere!!

When your in the house and when you're on a walk.



PSHE: This week we are thinking about the internet and how to make sure we stay safe online.  

Such as: Only using Youtube kids, not the normal version, 

Enabling parental controls on all devices,

Consider child friendly search engines instead of google, swiggle.

Always staying in the same room as a grown up when playing or watching online.

Never speaking to anyone online, or giving your name.

Only playing games which are in the correct age bracket.

Telling a grown up if there is anything they see that has upset them, making talking about online saftey and normal family conversation.

Check out  Preschool 0-4


It is also Child Mental Health Week. The focus is on "Express Yourself"

What do you do to express yourself? What things make you happy?

Do you do anything as a family ? 

Please send me some pictures of how you Express Yoiurself!


Other activities you could try: 


 Making tactile things to play and make mark in... salt or flour in shallow trays, Cornflour Gloop, shaving foam, soap flakes and water. 


Making ramps and slopes for toys to 'Ski' down!

Can you measure whos skier goes the furthest?


Counting sets to 10 with anything you have handy.

Small world play is great for language development. Trains, cars, dolls, character sets. 

 Playing with 'snow' and see creatures such as whales and seals. 


Building boats and expedition vehicles with blocks.

Threading beads onto pipe cleaners.

Keep Practicing cutting rectangles and triangles.

Cut out jumper shapes or glove shapes.



I look forward to hearing about what you've been doing!

Send me a photo of what you've done.


Enjoy your week and keep safe.