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Cotgrave Candleby

Lane School

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Week Beginning 5th October

This week we are looking at  



We are learning about the parts of our bodies, what our bodies can do 

and how out bodies are the same as others in many ways but there are differences between us.


Literacy: The book focus is 'Super Duper Me'

(This can be found on YouTube)

Talking about our bodies and what they can do. Ask your child what body parts they know, do they know what those parts do? Can they remember our work on the five senses? .

Understanding of the world: Drawing around our bodies and then labelling the main parts. You could draw around your child or with chalk outside. Can they name the key parts? Can they think what those parts start with? Eg Leg starts with a L sound... 

Looking at skeletons and x rays. You could watch ‘Funny Bones’ on YouTube. 

Phonics: Listening to sounds, telling the difference between loud and quiet. Go for walk in the garden, what sounds can they hear? 

Identifying the initial sounds in words (not the letter names) What Sound does the word television/ kitchen / dog etc start with? 

What sound does their name start with? 

Maths: The Number 3 and the shape rectangle. 

Counting sets to three and recognising rectangles in the environment. How many rectangle shapes can you find in your house? Can you find objects in the house to count in sets of 3? 3 cups, 3 shoes, 3 toys...  

Creative: Having a go at drawing and painting our face shapes and our body shapes.

Looking at skeletons and painting with white paint.
We are also always drawing, cutting out things and sticking things!!