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Cotgrave Candleby

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Look back with pride and forward with confidence

Week 4 - wb 11th May

Beware of the Dragon!





Option 1 - To write a newspaper report 

Can you write a newspaper report about the image above.

Consider that the date is the year 1415. 

  • What happened on that day? 
  • Who was involved? 
  • Where did it take place?
  • Remember to include facts
  • Written in past tense - Yesterday




Option 2 - To write instructions 

Can you write a set of instructions about how to capture a dragon. Just incase one returns to the Bottom wood. 

Consider the following 

What will you need? 

Using time conjunctions to start and order your steps - First, After that, Next, Finally.



Option 3 - To write a 5-part story

Can you write a 5 part story about what happened in the Bottom Woods

Opening - Introduce the setting and the main characters

Build up - What happens on the adventure?

Dilemma - Something goes wrong for your main character/s

Resolution- How does the problem get fixed?

Ending- How does the story end?

WOW words you might want to include 




Character suggestions