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Cotgrave Candleby

Lane School

Look back with pride and forward with confidence

Week 4 January 25th


I really hope you are all ok and keeping safe and well at home.

Did you have a fabulous time in the snow? 


We are missing you so much. 

It has been so lovely seeing some of your work. Please keep sending it in to me. I am printing the photos out and adding them to your journals in school.


This weeks learning......


Literacy and Understanding the World: This week's focus is on Polar Explorers.

Can you find out about a person who has explored the Artic?

Can you find out where they went and how long it took?

What did they need to go and to survive?

Can you write a list of things that you might need if you were to go on a Polar Adventure?


Understanding of the world:  We will be investigating polar lands and what they would be like to live in or explore.

Can you make a pair of binoculars? Can you make anything else helpful for your trip?

What clothes might you need?

Where will you sleep?


Creative: We will be learning about Igloos.

What could you make an igloo out of? maybe try sugar cubes? playdough? Can you build it to put a toy in?

If you're feeling adventurous, maybe you could try papermache.


Phonics: This week we are listening for sounds in the MIDDLE of words.

Activities include:

1.Odd one out. Children pick out the item that has a different middle sound, cat, net, rat, jam

2. Objects in a circle. Teacher to say all the objects and highlight the end sound. Can your child pick out two objects with the same middle sounds?

3.Play I spy with middle sounds. 

4. Sorting pictures or objects into groups of the same middle sounds.



Maths: We will be learning about the shape Rectangle and describing it's properties and what it can be used for.

Can you go on a shape hunt in your house and see how many things are rectangle shaped and how many different types of rectangle shapes there are? Long ones, tall ones, etc

Can you make a picture with only rectangles?

Can you make a picture of an Igloo using just rectangles?


As a challenge, can you find out what a 3D shape is called that has 4 rectangular faces and 2 square faces? 


We are also learning about patterns.

Can you find things in your house which have a pattern on?

Can you design a winter jumper or winter gloves with a pattern on them?

Maybe you could do this with pens, or maybe cut and stick items onto them.

Can you have a go at arranging items in your house in patterns? teddy, car, teddy, car etc 


We will also be doing lots of counting. Try and find times at home where counting is part of day to day life.

Count as you go up and down stairs, Count the cutlery out at tea time, count how long it takes to get dressed, can you do it under 3

30 seconds?!



PSHE: This week we are thinking about things that we need to survive and things that we want. What is the difference between need and want? 


Other activities you could try: 


Pretend you are on an adventure yo the Artic.

Make a den, go exploring in the house or garden if you're wrapped up well!



 Making tactile things to play and make mark in... salt or flour in shallow trays, Cornflour Gloop, shaving foam, soap flakes and water. Hair conditioner even!



Counting sets to 10 with anything you have handy.

Small world play is great for language development. Trains, cars, dolls, character sets. 

 Playing with 'snow' and see creatures such as whales and seals. 


Building boats and expedition vehicles with blocks.

Threading beads onto pipe cleaners.

Keep Practicing cutting rectangles and triangles.

Cut out jumper shapes or glove shapes.



I look forward to hearing about what you've been doing!

Send me a photo of what you've done.

I'd love to see a Den!

Enjoy your week and keep safe.