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Week 3 - w/c 4th May

Week 3


We hope you had fun learning about floating and sinking last week.  This week we are going to explore the vocabulary ‘waterproof and absorbent’.


Explore the vocabulary waterproof and absorbent.  What do they mean?  Can you think of different reasons why we might need waterproof or absorbent materials?


Pirates often find treasures that are special and they can’t get wet otherwise they would get damaged.  Your challenge is to investigate different materials and find a suitable material that will keep the treasure dry.

Find some different materials around the house to test.  Can you make a prediction and sort into two groups, waterproof and not waterproof?


Now to test the materials, wrap a coin in the material and spray or drop some water onto it.  Think carefully about how to make the test fair.  Will you need to do the same amount of sprays or drops of water on each material?  Talk about what happened.  Is the coin dry? 


Once you have completed your investigating, talk about what you found out.  Were your predictions correct?  Which material is the best for the pirates to use to keep their treasures dry?  Why?


Photograph, draw or write some sentences to explain what you did and what you found out.


Finally watch this video to see what materials they investigate.  Were they the same as you?  Listen carefully to their explanations about why some materials are waterproof and why some are not.