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Week 3 - wb 4th May

Challenge - To create an information leaflet about Nottingham Castle 


Here is an example of a leaflet layout you might want to use - download and print below.


Activity 1 - Introduction 

Use the Nottingham Castle website to find out some information. 

Write 3 or 4 sentences to capture what Nottingham Castle is. 

Can you include the following information:  

  • When was the castle built? 
  • Where is the castle located? 
  • Why should someone visit the castle? 





Activity 2 - What does Nottingham Castle look like?

Here we will use the skills we have learnt about setting descriptions to write a description of Nottingham Castle. 


1. Watch this video (without sound) can you write down any adjectives you can think of to descripe Nottingham Castle.  Below is a word bank to get you started.


2. Now use these words to create sentences to describe to your reader what the castle looks like. Remember we want to paint a picture in the readers mind that will make them want to visit the castle. 

E.g Sitting high above the busy city of Nottingham the castle looks sturdy and strong. 




Activity 3 - Information about Nottingham Castle 


Can you do some research about Nottingham Castle and find out key facts. 

Step 1. Make notes using bullet points of the facts that you discover. This step will help you to practise writing in bullet points and taking notes.

Step 2. Turn these bullet points into full sentences - remember to include the correct punctuation.


Fact ideas

  • When was the castle built? 
  • What jobs were there to do in the castle? 
  • What is the castle made of? 
  • What rooms did the castle have? 
  • Who might have lived in the castle?