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Week 2 - wb 27th April

Read Shrek the Third chapter 1


Challenge 1:

Miss Philpot says “Shrek is imagining what his babies are going to look like. Could you draw, label and describe them?


Things to think about including:

  • Adjectives!
  • Noun phrases (adjective and noun eg.  They had green, furry feet.
  • Power of 3 (3 adjectives and a comma in a list) e.g His teeth were tiny, yellow and sharp.
  • Alliteration – maybe you could use this for their names: Bogey Billy, Warty Wenda, Green Gertrude.


Feel free to use these resources below to give you a template or do it yourself on a bit of paper.

Challenge 2:

Miss Stone says “Can you write a job description for the new king?

Shrek needs to go and find Arthur and convince him to become the new King. He could show him the job advert for what a King is to help Arthur understand what the duties would be."


Things to think about for your job advert:

  • What jobs/duties do Kings do?
  • What skills would you need to be King? (Would you need to be clever, good at problem solving? Would you need to make important decisions? Would you need to be a good listener?)
  • Are there any skills that would be good to have as an extra? (Would being able to speak lots of different fairy tale languages help? Does a good king also have a big heart? Would it help if they could do magic?)
  • What are the best parts of the job? (e.g. You get to wear a crown, People cook all your food for you etc.)


You could use the template below to help you, or you could do make your own job advert for a King.

If you want to, you could use this template instead to write job descriptions for someone to come and work in the castle while Shrek, Donkey and Puss in Boots are away to help Fiona: maybe you need a new cook, or a new gardener, or messenger?

Useful template

Challenge 3:

Mr Moss says "Could you write some speech and thought bubbles to show what is happening in the Play between Prince Charming and Shrek?"

Remember it is Prince Charming telling the story, so he makes Shrek seem like a villain and himself the hero.


Things to try to include:

  • different sentence types eg. commands, exclamations, statements and questions.
  • Exclamation marks!


You could use the template below, draw your own or maybe you could write your ideas as a playscript instead (although we haven't done these yet so you might need some adult help: eg.



Prince Charming: Stop you terrible villain!

Shrek: I won't let you take Fiona!

Fiona: Help me, help me!


Useful template

Challenge 4:

Miss Cooper says "Can you design your own villain?

Prince Charming is recruiting villains at the Poison Apple Inn and he wants the best baddies going to help him. Can you draw, label and describe one of the villains. You can use the villains in the picture in the story or you could design your own.


Things to think about:

  • adjectives and nouns.
  • what do they look like on the outside, what is their personality like on the inside?
  • power of 3 and commas.
  • labels
  • full sentences with punctuation ( A . , !)


You can use any of the templates from Challenge 1 (also supplied here) or just some pencil and paper. 

Challenge 5:

Miss Philpot says "Imagine you are Fiona and you just had enough time to ask the King some important questions before he died. What questions would you ask your dad?"


Things to consider:

  • Could you ask questions about his life and things that have happened to him?
  • Do you need to ask him anything about the future?

Remember, if you are asking a question you need a question mark at then end: ?


If you want to extend your challenge: you could write some answers from the King.


You could just use pen and paper to write these out, maybe bullet pointing the questions like this:

  • What is the best thing about being a King?
  • What was the worst thing you ever had to do?