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Week 2 - wb 27th April

Over the next few weeks we are going to explore a story from "far, far away". In line with our topic of Castles and Kings, all the activities we will be looking at will relate to the story 'Shrek 3' which can be downloaded a chapter at a time (Chapter 1 is underneath this section). All that is left to say is good luck and keep on reading!


Activity 1

Mr Moss says "can you read chapter one of 'Shrek 3' and put the pictures from the story in the order that they happen? (see pictures attached as pdf. below). When you have them in order can you talk about each picture and retell the story so far?" (Don't worry if you can't print the pictures, they have been numbered so you can just write them in the correct order).

Activity 2

Miss Cooper says "read chapter one again and think about the emotions the characters might be feeling for each key part of the story, can you look at the emoji's and match them to a part of the story so far (download the pdf below the text), explain why you have chosen to put it with the picture you decided on. If you would like an extra challenge can you think of any other emotions that the characters might have been feeling? Could they have been feeling more than one? Explain your answers to somebody in your house.

Activity 3

Miss Philpott says "can you look at the sheet and find the synonyms on it within the text?" (Reminder: a synonym is a word that means the same as something else e.g. talk=discussed) there are clues on the pdf telling you which page the word is on. As an extra task you could highlight words that you don't know and research what they mean.

Activity 4

Miss Stone says "draw a line down the middle of a page and name one side true and the other false. Can you use the text to find out if each statement is either true or false and place it on the correct side?" If you read the statement first and then look for the answer in the text. If you wanted an extra task why not create some of your own true or false questions about the text and ask somebody at home to find the answer.

Activity 5

Mr Moss says "Can you draw a picture for the text that describes what Shrek saw when he and Fiona reached the Kings castle in Far Far Away. If you want to add an extra challenge you could add more features to the drawing and write the sentences to describe it".


The castle front is square in shape and is grey in colour. It has a huge arched door that almost fills the square front. The door is made of wood and has a golden handle. Either side of the square castle front is a grey turret. Both turrets are the same height and they are taller than the square castle. There is also a grey turret that sits on top of the square front that is as wide as the square and taller than the other turrets. All three of the turrets have one small, arched window, close to the top of the turret. The cone shaped roofs on top of the turrets are made of red bricks and there is a blue and gold flag flying from each turret.


(Top Tip - think about reading a single sentence and then draw it before moving on)