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Look back with pride and forward with confidence

Week 2 Jan 11th


I really hope you are all ok and keeping safe and well at home.

We are missing you so much. 

It has been so lovely seeing some of your work. Please keep sending it in to me. I am printing the photos out and adding them to your journals in school.


This weeks learning......


Literacy: The book focus is 'Polar Bears'

It is a non fiction (fact) book. I have searched Youtube but can not find a good version so I will get Mr Patel to video me and I shall add it in as soon as I can.


Can you have a go at drawing me a Polar Bear, or paint a polar bear, or make one out of dough, Anything you can find!

What facts can you find out about Polar Bears? Can your adult or sibling write down some.

Have a go at writing a list yourself.

Which Pole do Polar Bears in live?

What helps to keep them warm in all of that snow?

There are lots of videos on youtube. I find it's best to go through Kids youtube as they tend to be more child friendly.

(if possible, please try and watch the clip before your child does in case there is anything that they may not like)


Practice recognising their own name or the first letter of their name, moving on to writing their names.

Have a go at writing a list or a letter, any play writing!



Understanding of the world: Following on from last week we are asking where may it be colder than here?

We will be looking at the Globe and maps of the world and highlight the north and south poles.

Many other animals other than Polar bears live in Artic environments. Can you find out any others?

Which animals live in the South Pole?

Can you choose one to find out about in more detail. My daughter loves Artic Foxes!


How do Polar animals stay warm? Can you find out what they have under their skin?

In school, we will be doing an experiment with Lard to act as Blubber.  

This can also be found on Pinterest and youtube. 




Phonics: This week we are learning about Rhyme.

Activities include:

1.Odd one out. Children pick out the item that is not in the same rhyme family.

2. Objects in a circle. Teacher to say all the objects and highlight the rhyme endings. Can a child pick out two objects that rhyme?

3.Listen to rhyming songs, can they tell you the rhyme? Wall/fall



Maths: We will be learning about the shape Square and describing its properties and what it can be used for.

Can you go on a shape hunt in your house and see how many things are square?

Can you make a picture with only squares?

As a challenge, can you find out what a 3D shape is called that has square faces?

How many square faces does it have?


We will also be doing lots of counting. Try and find times at home where counting is part of day to day life.

Count as you go up and down stairs, Count the cutlery out at tea time, count how long it takes to get dressed, can you do it under 3

30 seconds?!

We will be counting sets and adding and taking away one. 

If there were 4 Penguins on an Iceberg and 1 jumped into the water, how many are left?

This can be done practically with any toys. 

If I had three cars and 1 more drive in, how many do I have altogether now?



Creative: We will be learning about cold colours; white, pale blue, pale purple.

We will exploring colour mixing with white and other colours.

we are going to be doing polar bear paintings. 


PSHE: Last week and this week we have been talking about feelings and emotions.

This is an very emotional time for everyone and its important that we talk to the children about how they are feeling and

helping them to understand their feelings and emotions. 

A really good book for this "The Colour Monster" 

This is on youtube.


Other activities you could try: 


 Making tactile things to play and make mark in... salt or flour in shallow trays, Cornflour Gloop, shaving foam, soap flakes and water. Hair conditioner even!

Talk to the children about how things feel.


Playing with ice, making coloured ice cubes.

Hiding toys in ice and the children have to set them free! We are using dinosuars this week.

This also leads on from our work last term on melting and what makes things melt.


Counting sets to 10 with anything you have handy.

Small world play is great for language development. Trains, cars, dolls, character sets. 

 Playing with 'snow' and woodland bears.

Using a trainset and pretending that it is in the snow (cotton wool) How will you get it free? 

Mark making with any media. Pencils, crayons, paint, flour!

Keep Practicing cutting shapes and ribbons!!

Threading beads or threading onto pipe cleaners.


I look forward to hearing about what you've been doing!

Enjoy your week and keep safe.

These photos are taken from Pinterest.