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Week 11 - wb 6th July

Challenge 1:

Could you write a setting description from where the mole falls into the water?

Try to include these adjectives:

  • Icy
  • Rushing
  • Flowing


Challenge 2:

Could you extend your story mountain plan by adding in some conjunctives to add more information?

You could try:

  • Because
  • But
  • So


Challenge 3:

Could you improve the adjectives you’ve used in your sentence?

For example:

  • Big = ginormous
  • Small = tiny


Challenge 4:

Could you add a sentence either side of your middle sentence?

For example:

Beginning sentence, lead up to the problem sentence, middle sentence, how the problem was resolved sentence


Once upon a time, there was a young boy who had a wise owl, a respectful fox and a strong horse as friends. One day, the 4 friends decided to go for a stroll. On their walk, they came across some icy, rushing water which looked beautiful but something awful happened; the poor old mole fell in but luckily, the brave fox was there to help and managed to jump in and save the thankful mole. The worried boy and horse watched from the muddy banks of the flowing water and were so pleased when the hero fox managed to save the shaken-up mole! The 4 friends continued to go for walks, but they made sure to stay away from water.


Challenge 5:

Could you illustrate your story? (illustrate means draw pictures for)

Maybe you could include a drawing for each of your sentences!