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Cotgrave Candleby

Lane School

Look back with pride and forward with confidence

Week 1 - wb 20th April

Once Upon a Picture - Just Visiting 


  • What can you see? What do you think has happened/is happening/will happen? What do you wonder? See think wonder
  • Where did the house come from?
  • How do you think it got here? (Which direction did it come from? How fast was it travelling?) Why is it surrounded by all of the bricks? What happened to the lampposts?
  • Who is the woman inside the house? Was she bothered by the ‘landing’? Give evidence to support your opinion.
  • Why is she looking out of the window? What might she be thinking?
  • Do you think she’ll stay here for long? Why/why not?
  • Do you think anyone else is in the house with her?
  • Why do you think she came to this place? Where is this?
  • If your house could travel, where would you like to go? Have a look at maps/travel brochures/best places to visit lists. Make a travel itinerary for you and your house. Are there any costs involved? How much spending money would you take? Which currencies would you need? Which languages would you need to be able to speak? What sights would you see?



Literacy Shed - High Diving Giraffes

Click the picture to watch the video.

Writing challenges:

  • Write a news report of the event. 
  • Write a character description to describe the giraffe (think back to when we described the Cluedo characters, think about the character's physical appearance and their personality).
  • Use show not tell sentences throughout describing all that happens as if it is a human and then reveal at the end that it is in fact a giraffe (e.g. Twirling and twisting gracefully, spectacular patterns were created in the eyes of the spectators. NOT The giraffe jumped and somersaulted through the air.)
  • Write a recount through the eyes of the giraffe. What would they be thinking or feeling?