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Week 1 - wb 20th April

Our challenges this week link to the text 'Fe Fi Fo Fum'. The link below will take you to our bingo board offering lots of challenges across the whole curriculum (maths, writing, reading, topic, PE and SPAG).


The challenges can be done in ANY order, however they have been put in order based on which lesson in the LEARN page they may link to, but there is no obligation to do them in this way.


Challenge 1: Miss Stone challenges you to write a book review of 'Fe Fi Fo Fum'

  • Which was your favourite part? Why did you like that bit?
  • What did you think of the characters? Why?
  • How did the story make you feel? Why? Did it make you happy/sad/laugh/cry? When?


If you need a reminder about conjunctions, follow this link:

Below is a planning sheet that you could use to help you write your ideas.


Challenge 2: Miss Philpot's Wolfie diary entry

Think about:

  • How is he feeling at the end of the story? How did he feel before that?
  • What adventures has he had today? What was his favourite part of the day? What was the worst part of the day?
  • What might he plan to do tomorrow?

If you need a reminder about using adjectives then watch this video from our PRACTICE section:

Below is a planning format which might be helpful to gather your ideas, but feel free to be as creative as you can!


Challenge 3: Mr Moss's picture description

Challenge 4: Miss Cooper's create and describe the giant challenge.

Feel free to be as creative as you can to draw or make your giant. Because we don't see the Giant in the story, you can really let your imagination go. Does the Giant even have to be a man?

Can you include?:

  • adjectives - can you make a list of adjectives?
  • comma
  • adverbs to describe how he moves?
  • similes (like/as... The giant was as clumsy as a clown. His hair was golden like the sun.)


Below are some resources that might help.


Challenge 5: Miss Philpot's "What happens next?" challenge.

You are now the author... What is the next adventure for Wolfie?

  • What will he do to the pigs?
  • Will it have a happy ending for Wolife?
  • Do stories always have to have a happy ending? Could it have an unhappy ending for him?


Be as imaginative as possible! Anything could happen!