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Week 1 - wb 20th April

In this LEARN section we have provided the BBC writing lessons as they offer many exciting learning opportunities!  The focus text this week is 'The Faraway Tree'

If you wish to extend your learning, under each lesson there are links to the EXPLORE page which show you our extra challenges all based around the text 'Fe Fi Fo Fum' which you can find on that page. These can be used to support and extend the lessons provided here.


Activity 1 - To use subordinating conjunctions


Practice: A video discussing different text genres.

Learn: 3 activities

1. Ask questions about different genres.

2. What are subordinating conjunctions and using them in sentences.

3. Using subordinating conjunctions to make predictions.


If you want to extend this lesson then head over to the EXPLORE page and you could try a 'Fe Fi Fo Fum' challenge -Miss Stone's book review might work well with this lesson.


Activity 2 - To understand when and where to use question marks

Practice: Video showing when to use a question mark.

Learn: 3 activities:

1. Write questions to find out.

2.  Diary (could also link it to Fe Fi Fo Fum challenge).

3. Drawing characters and asking questions to them.






If you want to extend your learning, head to EXPLORE to try a 'Fe Fi Fo Fum' challenge - Miss Philpot's diary entry challenge might link quite well!

Activity 3 - To use descriptive vocabulary

Practice video: What is an adjective

Learn: 3 activities

1. Use adjectives to describe each land from 'The Faraway Tree'

2. Create your own land!

3. How would you travel to your land?


This lesson is really creative and fun! You can make your own land! We can't wait to see/read these!



If you want to extend this lesson, head over to EXPLORE and try Mr Moss's 'Fe Fi Fo Fum' challenge - using adjectives to describe a picture.

Activity 4: To understand lists and commands

Learn: 2 videos

1. Use a comma in a list.

2. Commands - bossy verbs.

Practice: 3 activities

1. Make a list of food to grow

2. Write some instructions

3. Create/draw a fruit/veg character and describe them using commas in a list.





If you want to extend this lesson, you could EXPLORE Miss Cooper's 'Fe Fi Fo Fum' challenge- Create and describe your very own Giant from the story!