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Week 1 - wb 20th April

This weeks explore activities are all about the story 'Fee, Fi, Fo, Fum!' which can be downloaded from this page, good luck and keep on reading!

Activity 1

Can you read the short story "Fee, Fi, Fo,, Fum!" and tell me the key parts. You could write this down in sentences or draw images to represent what happens in the story (make sure the events stay in the order that they occur).


Activity 2

Read this week’s story "Fee, Fi, Fo, Fum!" and write a list of words that you don’t quite understand or are unsure about. At the end of the story research what those words mean. Think about how this word choice affects the story, could those words be changed for others that mean the same thing (synonyms)? *For an extra challenge can you then use these words by putting them into your own sentences?


Activity 3

Can you draw a picture to go with the text below written about our book this week?


"Wolfie woke up peacefully propped up against a large oak tree. When everything came into focus, he saw a huge beanstalk where the beans had landed yesterday. It was that big he could only just see the side of Jack’s house protruding out the sides. All the way up the beanstalk were large leaves, some of which has chunks missing out of them".


(Top Tip - Think about reading a single sentence and then drawing it before moving on)

*For an extra challenge can you add more detail to the text and draw it in your picture e.g. “He saw a huge, green beanstalk”


Activity 4

What is the most creative place that you can find to read your favourite story? You can read anything that you like but need to read it somewhere that you wouldn't normally. It could be in the garden, upsdie down on some monkey bars or even create your own 'reading den' for this task. Get your adult to take a picture and send it into your teacher.


Activity 5

Can you read the story 'Fee, Fi, Fo, Fum!'  and write sentences about how Wolfie and the other characters might have felt during different parts of the story and why. Think about the words that might give you clues or the pictures themselves. (Remember the answer might not always be written in the text but you can use the story and events that happen to each character to help predict an emotion that they would feel).