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Week 1 Jan 5th

This week we start our new topic.... "Where is is colder than here?"

We will be looking at maps and the Globe to see where the coldest parts of the world are.

The North and South Poles.


Literacy: The book focus is 'The Polar Bear and the Snow Cloud'

(This can be found on youtube)


We will be encouraging the children to listen as we tell the story and then asking them to re-tell it in their own way.

We will be thinking about what the Polar Bear was thinking and feeling.

Why did the snow cloud make the shapes for him?

How do you think he felt ?

 Why do you think he was lonely out there? 

What would you like to make out of snow?

What would you want the snow cloud to make?


Practice recognising their own name or the first letter of their name, moving on to writing their names.

Have a go at writing a list or a letter, any play writing!



Understanding of the world: We will re capping the season of Winter, and asking where may it be colder than here?

We will be looking at the Globe and maps of the world and highlight the north and south poles.

We will be talking about the world as a whole and where England is.

We will then be learning about Polar Bears and what they are like and making fact files on them.

Maybe you could find a globe or a map. Show your child where England and the North and South Poles are.

Maybe you could look up the Poles on Google Earth or on Google and look at pictures and talk about what it might be like there.

Perhaps google Polar Bears too. What facts can they find out?




Phonics: This week are carrying on our learning about Initial sounds of words.

Games you could play: I spy...

    Find me something that starts with a .....

Odd one out pig, pen, car, panda 

Find hidden objects and make sets of the same starting sounds....


Maths: We will be learning about the shape Circle and describing its properties and what it can be used for.

We will be counting sets of polar Bears and Penguins.

We are also learning about the 4 seasons and in particular Winter,

Can your child make a winter tree picture?


We will be making towers and structures in construction.



Creative: We will be printing with Cotton wool balls and Bubble wrap to create snow scenes.

Can you think of any other ways to make a snow scene?

We will be making snowmen with cutting and sticking and even having a go at snowmen with moving arms if you have split pins.

What could you make a snowman out of? 


Other activities you could try: 

 Making snow playdough.

Moving cotton wool balls with tweezers. Maybe you could move them with a straw by sucking or blowing!

Counting sets to 10 with anything you have handy.

Small world play with the characters from the story.

 Playing with 'snow' and woodland bears.

Using a trainset and pretending that it is in the snow (cotton wool) How will you get it free? 

Mark making with any media. Pencils, crayons, paint, flour!

Practicing cutting shapes and ribbons.



Enjoy your week and keep safe.