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Lane School

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Week Beginning 04th January 2021

Learning Objective

To explore how words have different numbers of syllables. (Syl-la-bles)

To mark the beat over words in a poem.

Task One


1) Watch the video on syllables. (Syl-la-bles)

2) Can you remember this poem: 'If You Should Read A Crocodile'?

3) Work out how many syllables are in each line of the poem. What do you notice?



Task Two


1) Alongside the syllables, is a steady beat running through the music. There are 4 

   beats in each line. Print or write out a copy of the words to this poem.

2) Listen to the following recording and underline where you hear the drum.

   Which syllable have you marked?

   Sometimes the beat strikes where there are no words.



   Add a heart beat above the words you have underlined. The first beat is

   always louder so make the first heart of each line bigger than the other beats.



Still image for this video

If You Should Meet A Crocodile




If    you   should   meet   a   croc  -  o  -  dile,


Don’t   take   a   stick   and   poke   him;


Ig  -  nore   the   wel  -  come   in   his   smile,


Be   care  -  ful   not   to   stroke   him.


For   as   he   sleeps   u - pon   the   Nile,


He   thin -   ner    gets   and   thin - ner;


And   when  -  e’er   you   meet   a   croc  -  o  -  dile


He’s   rea  -  dy   for   his   DIN - NER!

If You Should Meet A Crocodile with the drum beat