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Each week there will be a new topic lesson with Miss Doubtfire on this page.

There will be a video and a choice of tasks for you to complete underneath.

Make sure you email any work you complete to our Year 5 email...

Topic Lesson 3 - Greek Gods and Goddesses Top Trumps

Task: Create a set of Top Trumps of Greek Gods and Goddesses

We would love to see what you've created, send us a picture of your Top Trumps or you could even send a picture of you playing with them. 


Use the resources below to help you find out a little more about some of the Greek Gods and Goddesses:

The Greek Gods

Get a crash course on the heavenly residents of Mount Olympus.

Top Trump Cards Templates

Topic Lesson 2 - Modern Greece Research Project

In this lesson we will be focussing on modern Greece. We will locate Greece on a map and explore the many islands that make up the country. This week's task ...

Task: Research a Greek island or city of your choice and present the information you find. 

Send us your creation but don't rush, you've got all week!


Presentation ideas:

  • Create a travel brochure or leaflet for your chosen island to persuade holiday makers to travel there.
  • Create an information booklet or portfolio of all the information you find.
  • Design a poster with pictures and writing to display your information. 
  • Create a PowerPoint presentation to present your findings. 

Topic Lesson 1: How to make a Greek salad

In this lesson, we will make a Greek salad. We will focus on how to prepare food hygienically and how to use a knife safely.

Task: Make a Greek salad, using a knife to cut safely. 

Send us a picture of you enjoying your salad!

Other task ideas:

  • Design and make your own salad using ingredients of your choice.
  • Write a recipe for a Greek salad and publish it for a recipe book. 
  • Make a video to advertise your new Greek salad lunch product. 
  • Design a Greek menu using traditional Greek foods - you might need to do a bit of research for this one!
  • Taste test Greek foods, see if you find a new favourite food. You could try; pomegranate, honey, pita bread, tzatziki, olives, grape juice, olive oil or figs.

Want something else to do? 

Try one of these ideas...