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Have a look at the world using a globe, an atlas or Google Earth. Where are the North and South Poles? Where is the Equator? Which is hotter ... the North Pole or the Equator? Can you find out why?

Have a go at labelling these on the map.


The Globe

Monday 8th June is World Ocean Day.  Visit the website below to find out more and join in with the fun.



Week 7!


This week, we're going to do some Geography, looking at the 5 oceans! 


First, we'd like you to watch the video below - it gives you the names of the oceans and an image of where they are in the world. 


After that, we want you to think of 2 different sea-sides (there are pictures below); Skegness and the Maldives. We'd like you to compare them! Are they the same? Think about:


  • The weather
  • The water
  • Which ocean they belong to
  • The animals that may live in them
  • People who may visit them


Finally, we'd like you to think about which is the best looked after and why. 

Five Oceans Song


Week 6 - wb 1st June.


To introduce our new theme of 'The Big Blue' this week we are going to focus on Geography.  We are going to find out about the UK.  Do you know which 4 countries make up the UK?  Do you know their capital cities?  Do you know the seas which surround the UK?  Follow the link below and watch the video to find out.  Then try some of the activities too.


Using the UK outline can you name and label the 4 countries, their capital cities and the seas that surround the UK?





Week 5 -  week commencing 18th May.


This week our topic focus is history based and to know about a famous person in the past.


Can you start by thinking about the word famous?  Have a discussion with different family members at home and discuss what the word means.  Can you make a list of some famous people?  Why are they famous?

We have been looking at Christopher Columbus who is a famous explorer.  He is not the only famous explorer?  Can you research two other famous explorers from the past?  Who are they?  What did they do?  Why are they famous?  Can you put them in order on a timeline to show which explorer came first?  Can you locate on a world map the places they explored?

As an extra challenge thinking carefully about what famous means, look at your list of the famous people you thought of and the explorers you have researched, who do you think is the most famous and why?

Week 4      Topic


This week we are going to continue to build on your map skills from last week.


First can you do some research to find out:

What is a city?

What is a town?

What is a village?

How are they the same and how are they different?

What features do each of them have?


Now watch the video below about creating a map.


Now using the skills you developed last week and those you have learnt from the video, can you create a map of a city, town or village.  Think carefully about how you may set it out and which features you will include.  Will it have a cathedral?  A factory?  Houses?  A school? A railway?  A river?  A farmyard?  Will you draw it?  Paint it?  Build it?


Remember to take some photographs of your map to send back to us at school.


An extra challenge could be now to turn your map into a treasure map.  Put a cross on your map and a compass.  Write some instructions using North, South, East and West for the pirates to find the treasure.

Design and Technology...make a moving pirate.

Topic Week 3


Polly wants a cracker! (and the buried treasure...) 


Watch this song, introducing how to read a compass -  


Below are pictures of a treasure map and some directions, can you use your new compass reading skills to find out where I end up?! 


Once you've done that, can you make your own treasure map and write some instructions for someone to follow, helping them to find the treasure? Don't forget to include a picture of a compass to help them! 

Topic Week 2


Ooo Arrgghh me hearties! We are starting out topic on Pesky Pirates and Exciting Explorers. You may like to incorporate a pirate theme into play for this week! Here are some ideas and send us your photos!

PE websites!

Week 1


Complete the project about your 'all-time favourite animal' throughout the week.  We would love to see some of your finished projects so please photograph and email to your class teacher.  Have fun!