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Subtraction (No bridging)

Following on from the addition (no bridging) video, this video shows how through using place value we can begin to subtract numbers. The key concept here again is that we ARE NOT moving into another 10s boundary. Children should try to draw the sticks and dots to really confirm understanding of what is happening during this process.

Subtraction (WITH bridging)

In this video we move a stage on from simple subtraction (no bridging) to now include moving past a 10s bracket (e.g 20 - 19). Similar to the addition video, the key concept here is that children can identify place value and can move through a subtraction problem by EXCHANGING a 10 for ten 1’s. As before I reiterate that really promoting drawing this underneath the number as shown in the video can really help children to understand what is happening and why the 10s change.

Subtraction (two 2-digit numbers)

In this video we look at adding all the parts of the previous together to consolidate understanding and use what we know to apply to now subtract two 2-digit numbers together. In the video we tackle examples looking at both bridging and non-bridging sums.