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Phase 4

Phase 4 


Children entering phase 4 will be able to recognise and represent phonemes with its corresponding grapheme. They will be able to blend phonemes to read CVC words and segment CVC words for spelling. They have mainly been exposed to monosyllabic words - words with one syllable. 


No new GPC's are learnt in this phase, instead children will focus on consolidating and reinforcing knowledge from both phase 2 and 3 as well as supporting children to blend and segment words with adjacent consonants. Alongside this children will explore polysyllabic words - words containing more than one syllable.  



Adjacent consonants

These are words that either begin or end with more than one consonant. Adjacent consonants can be both heard when the word is spoken.




CCVC examples:- stop, crab, trip



CVCC examples:- fist, sand, milk



CCVCC examples:- drink, stamp, blink


Phase 4 also concentrates on the learning of new tricky words and developing confidence in reading and writing of complete sentences using prior and new learning.




Tricky words


Some, one, said, come, do, so, were, when, have, there, out, like, little, what