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Phase 3 Learning

Week 2 

Session 8: Phase 3 learning ch

Hi, this is our first video looking at a digraph. Two letters making one sound. I talk through this and why we have digraphs in English. As usual, the first ...

Session 7: Phase 3 learning qu

The final video of set 7 in phase 3. The video supports the adult to sit with their child during a phonics lesson. The advice and guidance I give should help...

Session 6: Phase 3 learning z and zz

In this session we look at two graphemes making the same phoneme z and zz. The video follows the usual structure and pushes them to apply their learning at t...

Session 5: Phase 3 learning y

Let's work together to get your child reading. Here we build on previous videos and look at y. As usual, we will revisit some GPCs, learn a tricky word, lear...

Week 1

Session 1: Phase 3 learning j

This video is the first of the phase 3 series. It explores the content with the parent/carer first and then runs through some simple activities that a child ...

Session 2: Phase 3 learning v

Here's session 2 looking at v. As usual the first half of the video gives parents the knowledge and confidence to support their child with reading. The slide...

Session 3: Phase 3 learning w

Session 3 looks at w together. It follows the usual structure and by now the children will be building some familiarity with the approach. This is great as t...

Session 4: Phase 3 learning x

Session 4 builds on j, v and w. As usual the first half gives the parent/carer the knowledge and confidence to work with their child through the orange slide...