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You will also be receiving by email, a log in for Maths Factor, where you can work through different mathematical challenges. Click on the link below.


Monday 30th March - Fraction Calculations with missing parts


Can you find the value of the missing numerator or denominator from each fraction calculation?


Make sure all the denominators are the same before you add or subtract so you may need to find some equivalent fractions first! 

Tuesday 31st March - Adding and Subtracting fractions with related denominators


Can you find the missing numerators in each fraction calculation? Look carefully as sometimes you may need to add and subtract in the same calculation.


Don't let the last one catch you out with different denominators - can you remember what you need to do before calculating?

Wednesday 1st April - Fraction sentences - balancing


Can you balance the fraction sentences using the inequality symbols for greater than (>), less than (<) or equal to (=)


Remember to make sure all the denominators are the same before comparing.

Thursday 2nd April - Comparing Fractions


Can you compare the fractions  using the inequality symbols for greater than (>) and less than (<)


Can you use the fraction wall below to help you?


Friday 3rd April - Compare Fractions


Can you compare and order fractions which have denominators which are multiples of each other?


Make sure the denominators are the same before comparing!