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 link to view 100 hours graduation photos from NTU https://bit.ly/2NTuQMY


Note the current online system is being changed over the summer, so there will be no online access. please record any activities/hours in your passport (or diary!!)



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Good luck to all our leavers & Happy Holidays all.



Children return to school on Wednesday 4th September.

E Safety info


TikTok hits the headlines again

There have been a lot of concerns regarding TikTok over the last few months. Given the popularity of the app that's no surprise. But the latest concern is where children are being exploited to part with cash or 'digital gifts'. It's easy to blame the app, and the owners definitely have a part to play, but this is more to do with the so-called influencers using the app and exploiting their fans, such as a 12 year old who gifted £48.99 to show her appreciation of his videos and then he asked for more, or influencers who ask for gifts in turn for their phone number to talk - and don't pick up!

TikTok has said it will strengthen its policies and guidelines. That'll sort it then!!

Read more here:


Phishing and the secure padlock

Good advice to children and young people is to always check the web address bar to see if it has the little padlock on the left hand side and the web address starts with 'https', with the s denoting secure. Security researchers are finding that criminals are also using the padlock in the hope that you'll be tricked into thinking the site is legitimate and/or safe.
It's still good advice to check for a secure connection, but users should also check:

  • Grammar and spelling (this is the easiest and the most common that I find).
  • Suspicious popups making outlandish claims (e.g. win an iPad).
  • A slight alteration to the web address (an obvious one might be Barc1ays, where the L has been changed to a figure 1).

Digital footprint

The recent Ofcom report highlighted that one third of 12-15 year olds knows how advertising online works, which suggests that two thirds don't. Advertising is a great way of talking about the digital footprint from a slightly different angle. MediaSmart UK have some great free resources for primary and secondary schools:


Always talk to a trusted adult

It's one of the important messages we give to children, but if you are using this message, please be careful. This message cannot be used as a 'rule', it needs context. Remember, one of the processes an offender might try is to establish trust.



E-safety magazine from Alan Mackenzie

#DITTO is a free online safety magazine from esafety adviser, Alan Mackenzie, aimed at schools, organisations and parents. The content looks at risks, issues, advice and guidance related to keeping children safe online, with a view to enjoying and learning about technology.



If you missed the latest edition of DITTO which came out last week, (March 19) you can download it (and all the archived editions) here:


3 apps that parents should know about

Reminder to parents and children if you have any concerns or worries about anything on the internet - whether it be something you've seen or you feel you're being bullied online, please let us know & we will do our best to help!!!!!

Parents - What to do if you have a problem

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