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Linking your daily exercise walks to geography

Are you enjoying your daily exercise walks outside of your house? Well, here's a way to up level those walks and link them to mapping and geography.


Digimaps is a great tool to help you understand the local/global area, to plan routes and to map a route afterwards. You can add photos and pictures of human/physical features you have seen, nature, show your routes, work out the distance you have walked, work out routes to school/your friends houses. The possibilities are endless.

You will need these logins:


username: NG123JG
password: knonds2034


Scavenger hunt

Here is a lovely activity which encourages you to take photos of nature that you see in your garden/outside your window and on your walks as well. Take some photos and add them onto the map showing where you found them. You can also add a label of where you found them. shows you how to do this: watch the video it will really help!


How to use

Once you know how to use Digimaps, it is easy to do lots of great activities!

Below is a video (35 mins long! - but you can skip to relevant sections) showing how to use Digimaps and shows you some specific activities they have.  Most relevant for this activity 5-10 mins

Some other great ones are locating cities in the UK and playing the capital cities game (be warned, it is a challenge, but fun!)


You can also use Digimaps for one of our bingo board activities showing UK castles. I have made one you can open and add to, or you can create your own.

How many castles can you find in the UK?