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Cotgrave Candleby

Lane School

Look back with pride and forward with confidence


Welcome to F2 where your children will be taught by a fantastic team of passionate Early Years Teachers and Teaching Assistants! 

Making pizzas and Sport's Day!

F2CW Summer Term!

As usual we are busy with our writing, reading and maths! We are starting to prepare the children for life in Year 1!

We have also had the circus visit, the F2 wedding, the visit of Rev. Charles from Uganda and lots of opportunities for learning!

Summer term letter and overview

Cancer Day

We celebrated Cancer Day to help raise money for people and families suffering. 

Mrs Scott set up a treasure hunt where we had to work in teams to find the pictures with letters and write them in the box. We then had to write the letters in the boxes. When we got back to the classroom we worked together to spell out the word. It spelt ASPIRATION!! One of our school values! It was such a lovely day.



Spring term


This term is a super exciting term with our topic being DETECTIVES! 

We are starting the new year with a dinosaur invasion! We will be finding out lots of information about dinosaurs, learning lots of new exciting vocabulary such as herbivore and carnivore which will lead us up to going on a dinosaur adventure!


In F2 this is one of our favourite times of the year where we really see the children excel in their reading, writing and maths so we are very excited for the next few weeks! smiley



After reading the story Mouse Paint we decided to do some colour mixing of our own and make a colour wheel! it was so much fun. We mixed red and yellow to get orange, blue and red to make purple and then blue and yellow to make green :) 

We learnt about the artist Kandinsky and his work then had a go ourselves!

We had a special letter from Andy that said we needed to measure our shoes ready to fit our explorer boots! 

Some of us used cubes to measure them then we put them in order and spoke about which one was the shortest/longest or the same. Some of us even had a go at drawing around them and measuring with a ruler! 

Our New Playground Equipment!

After reading all about The Little Red Hen and learning about harvest, we made bread from scratch. Firstly, we watched what we needed to do then had a go at writing instructions! We then got to knead our bread and roll it into a bun, we put it in the oven then got to taste it! It was delicious! 

As part of supporting UNICEF and teaching the children about their rights we decided to make posters that we sent to Micheal Gove showing him how we could save our environment! We were that inspired that we created posters that we put up around the school to remind everyone to recycle and we created our own recycle bag so we can become responsible for our environment and recycle independently! 

Autumn term in F2CW

What a fantastic start our class have had to their learning journey at Cotgrave Candleby Lane! We have made new friends, become more independent and engaged with lots of new exciting experiences. Also, we have been working hard on our literacy and numeracy too. Phew! What a lot we have achieved together!

We enjoyed learning about lots of different healthy food!

Thank you to all the parents that attended the physical/writing workshop. Here is the information for anyone who didn't smiley



We are looking forward to a fantastic year with lots of fun, exciting opportunities ahead!


We can't wait to see the new children dressed in their smart uniforms and hearing about the summer :) 

Welcome to F2!