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Purpose Outcome of activity

In this session what we want children to be able to do is begin to think about what a diary entry has to have in order for it to be deemed a diary entry. By doing this, children will then be able to think about what their own diary entry will need to include when they write their own later on this week.

Children are to look the example texts provided below and begin to look for the featrues they have (you may want to circle them on the diary entries themselves). From this use the table with features to highlight the ones that you can find in the examples provided. Once you have done this can your child then write a brief description of this feature in order to show their understanding on why a diary needs it e.g. date: So the writer/reader knows when the event or experience happened.



Purpose Outcome of activity
For this task we are looking at how children can retrieve information from a text. This skill is used in all areas of the school day as children are able to show they fully understand what is being written and not merely phonetically decoding words (which is still important but doesn't show a deeper level of understanding vocabulary). For this activity your child is given a brief text (in the same style as a diary entry because that is the work that we are doing this week as part of out unit). They are to read the text and if support is required then please help by breaking up the words and putting them back together (segmenting and blending). From this look at the questions, in school we always say read the question first and then look to the text for the answer always starting at the top so we dont miss anything. A good way to help your child would be to get them to highlight key words in the question, can they then find this word in the text? If they can then we know the answer will be around there (you could then underline the text were the answer is so they know which part to 'retrieve' and write as an answer). What we want to see is that children are able to understand the vocabulary used as well as being able to decode and read the words.



Purpose Outcome of activity
For this activity we are helping the children come up with the content that will help them write their diary entries tomorrow. By thinking about 4 key areas for description can really help children come up with great ideas so they don't have to come up with as many on the day of the big write. The outcome for this activity is that the children will have a variety of vocabulary choices ready for tomorrows write where they will have to create a diary entry for Martin Luther King Jnr. Go through the pictures below one at a time using the sheet provided to think about; 1. What you can see (adjectives to describe those features e.g. adoring people, grey, smart suit), 2. What Martin Luther King jnr might be feeling during this time e.g. scared, 3. What smells may have been in the air e.g. smoke from the protestors flares and finally 4. What sounds you might hear e.g. sirens of the police, screams of the crowd. After you have completed this task please keep the sheet as it will underin the writing task for tomorrow.



Purpose Outcomes of activity
We want the children to be able to write in the 1st person so that they can learn to express themselves and talk about their feelings. This task is related to BHM (Black History Month) and will give the children the opportunity to put themselves into the shoes of somebody else and try and think about how their life may be different, the barriers they encounter and how this in turn would make them feel. For this activity we would like children to put together all the work from the week to culminate in a diary entry that is talking about a day in the life of Martin Luther King. Recap the pictures from yesterdays session to think about what you could talk about in your letter. Get the children to think about what the letter needs (from Mondays session) before they attempt it and then have a go. Throughout the activity keep telling your child to go back to yesterdays activity for support if they are stuck looking at the vocabulary. At the end of the session you should have a diary entry that reads as if Martin Luther King had written it explaining his day during a rally.