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This week we are continuing to look at Traditional Tales.


Please watch the videos below to guide you through the daily activities, you will need to pause the videos at different points to have a go at the activities set in the video. If you need any further support please e-mail your class teacher and they will be more than happy to help you further. 




To plan an innovated story of ‘The Princess and the Pea’


In today’s lesson you are going to plan your own story in the style of ‘The Princess and the Pea'. Watch the video to find out how we are going to do this. You will need today’s planning sheet and a pencil. (Or you can make your own grid in your red home learning book).


  1. Prince – Who is your main character going to be? 
  2. Travel - Where do they travel? Who are they searching for?
  3. Storm – could have a different type of weather (blizzard, blazing heat, hail storm, hurricane etc)
  4. Princess at gate - Who shows up at the gate? (May still be a princess or may be a prince – what do they look like?)
  5. Change pea to something else e.g. bead, bean, marble, what do they put on top?
  6. Get married – what type of wedding or party? cake? music?
  7. Museum – What happens to the marble/bean?

English Monday 25th January - Planning story



To be able to write an innovated story of ‘The Princess and the Pea’ (Lesson 1)


Today you will be using the plan for your innovated story to write the first part of your own story. Miss Crowder will model how to move from the planning to writing stage in the video. Before you begin the video, make sure you have in front of you:

  • your innovated plan from yesterday’s lesson
  • your home learning book
  • a pencil


Pause the video when Miss Crowder says to do so.


There is a copy of the model story below as an example if you need to look at it.


Traditional Tales Part 1 video








Our English lesson today is focused on a reading skill.

Please see the 'reading' tab for your English lesson today.