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WB 18.01.2021 - Writing


This week we are starting work on information texts. We will be exploring an information poster on Forces and Magnetism so our English work will link well with our Science topic. The poster is below. It will be useful for you to have this downloaded and printed for our work over the next two weeks.


Information Poster - Forces and Magnetism

Writing - Monday 18.01.2021

LO: To write the features of an information text.

Today we will be investigating what makes a great information text. We will be learning the different features that are used and then spotting them on an information page. Watch the video below and then label the information page sheet.

Information Texts Monday 18th January 2021

Writing - Tuesday 19.01.2021

LO: To write topic sentences.


Today we are learning how to write topic sentences to introduce a theme. After you have watched the video, visit the following websites to do your research.


DK Findout - Magnets

DK Findout - Forces


BBC Bitesize - Magnets

BBC Bitesize - Forces


When you have found enough information, write your topic sentences on today's learning sheet.

Information Texts Tuesday 19th January 2021

Writing - Wednesday 20.01.2021

LO: To write nouns, verbs and adjectives to create impact.

Today we are learning some specific vocabulary that we can use when writing topic information.


Watch this video below and then complete the learning sheet for today.

Writing - Thursday 21.01.2021

LO: To write a heading and sub-headings.


Today we are creating headings for the different sections of our information poster.


Watch the video below and then complete today's task on the information poster template.

Writing - Friday 22.01.2021

LO: To write paragraphs.


Today we are writing topic paragraphs onto our information poster.


Watch the video below and then use the poster template you printed out yesterday for your writing.