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Tuesday 3rd November - LO: To know the language of a setting description. 

Learn and recite the model text below, which describes Pompeii prior to the disaster that occurred. 

Add your own actions to help you remember specific details.

Wednesday 4th November - LO: To retell a setting description

Order the sections of text to retell the story. Add your own illustrations for each section, remember to add all of those little details from the text. 

Thursday 5th November - LO: To understand language features of a setting description.

Look through the slides about the features included in a setting description. 

Can you identify these in the WAGOLL text that you are familiar with? 

Friday 6th November - LO: To know new vocabulary

Watch the video of a volcano erupting and make a list of adjectives to describe. 

Looking at the words below can you find out their meaning. Have you seen or used any of these before? 

Draw your own picture of a volcano and choose words to describe your picture.