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Cotgrave Candleby

Lane School

Look back with pride and forward with confidence

Class 5H

Star Athletes

Our athletics team achieved a fantastic third place, on Monday at the quad event, which was held at West Bridgford School. We also found many new athletes who are hoping to represent the school next year.

April 2015

Welcome back to Year 5 what a lovely long Easter holiday that was! I know I enjoyed spending time in the sunshine with my family and judging by the extra freckles on show in Year 5 so did you!

We started the week back with an exciting Curriculum Week. Our theme in Year 5 was Games Master and we had a great time designing and marketing our own games. We all learned some valuable lessons about team work and managed to produce some quality products to take to the Dragons Den!



Some of our games in action

February 2015

A trip to South Notts Academy

This morning we completed our second transition visit to South Notts Academy. All of the children experienced two different lessons and the staff of SNA all commented on what a pleasure it was to have such fantastically behaved children.


Joshua has been doing some incredible writing.

The writing's on the table!

In English we looked at different types of sentences.

Command Sentences - Tell somebody what to do.

Get your homework done.

Question Sentences - Ask for information and have a ?

Would you like to come to my party?

Statement Sentences - Give information

I went to school today.

Exclamation Sentences - Express a strong feeling and need a !

I love chocolate!

We practised writing the different types of sentences on the classroom tables (don't worry it did all wipe away!). Can you spot any of the different types of sentences in our pictures?



Proud to be a Flying High Writer

This is our latest Flying High Writer.. His writing target is to always read his work to check that it makes sense. He has also been working hard to improve his punctuation and presentation. If you happen to be passing 5H please do stop and read his work and we think you'll agree it's fantastic!

Share a cake and a smile smiley


Traditionally, Harvest Festival is all about coming together to show how much we appreciate the things we have. As a school, we wanted to show our Grandparents just how grateful we are for everything they do for us and what better way to do this than with a cake and a smile!

We served cups of tea and coffee and our own delicious homebaked rock cakes and ginger biscuits.


The Year 5 and Year 2 children entertained everyone with their amazing singing.

It was an absolute pleasure to see so many Grandparents in school and we hope that everyone enjoyed the afternoon.

Take Ten Challenge

In history we have been learning all about life in the Workhouse and discovering that it wasn't a very nice place to live. In Victorian times people would often choose to live on the streets to avoid the workhouse as they knew that they would be split from their families and often treated very cruelly. 

We know that, in England, workhouses were created in the late 1830's after the 1834 Poor Law. But, when were they closed down?

Can you use the internet or topic books in the classroom to find the date when workhouses were closed down?


This is a TAKE TEN CHALLENGE so anyone who can come and whisper the answer to me can collect 10 raffle tickets.



Year 5 Go Back In Time

Year 5 donned their best Victorian outfits and headed off to the Perlethorpe Estate in Mansfield for a taste of life in the Victorian classroom.

It was certainly very different to life at Candleby Lane and we were very glad that things have changed.

5H gathered outside the impressive Thoresby Hall, which was home to the Earl of Manvers.

Especially poor Oskar who was punished for stealing a chicken and had to choose between the Whipper and the Whacker! We learned that in Victorian schools the girls and boys were kept very separate and even had their own entrances to the school building. There were lots of very strict rules and children who did not do as they were told could expect extremely harsh punishments.

Oh Dear it looks like Luke didn't quite do his work to the standard the teacher expected, so it was off to the wall for him and he had to wear the dunce hat too.

Overall the class had a great day and learned lots about life in Victorian times. On our return to school we created a fabulous display of recounts and portraits which we'd love parents to pop in and have a look at.


Welcome to 5H


It's great to be back after the long summer break and for year 5 it's going to be an exciting term. We're really excited that for the first time in two years this year group will be sharing neighbouring classrooms. This will allow us to work together as a year group and build new friendships.


In history we are going to be learning all about what life was like in the Victorian era and how it compares to life as we know it today. We will kick start our topic with a trip to the Perlethorpe Estate in Mansfield, where we find out all about the Victorian classroom.


We're also pleased to announce that in December Year 5 will be entertaining everyone with a musical extravaganza and we will be auditioning for parts after half term. So have your best singing voices at the ready!

Mrs Horsburgh and Mrs Davies




Looking smart and ready to learn