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Look back with pride and forward with confidence

Class 5H

Tuesday November 27th 2012

Days till our Keep Calm and Carry On performance... 1 !!!

We have been so impressed by the incredible effort you have all made to learn lines, remember actions, write scripts and sing songs. Every single person has made a massive effort and it is really nice to see some people who haven't always wanted to be in the limelight really wanting to have major speaking parts. 
Did you know that there are some special awards called Tonys which are given to famous actors and actresses each year? We will be making our own awards after our performance but we will need a different name. We could have the Wheatleys.. or the Wilkes.. or the Kites? Come and whisper your ideas to us and we will listen carefully. Perhaps you can start spotting people that you think deserve special awards.. perhaps for being the most consistent performer or the bravest performer.. or the best team player. What other awards should we have? Write down your ideas and we will get them ready for our awards celebration.

Finally so that we know you are reading this here is a question for you to research:-
How many allied aircraft were lost during the Battle of Britain?
Write your answer on a slip of paper and tuck it onto my laptop like a spy would and we will see who is the first person to get the correct answer and of course 25 raffle tickets!

Mrs Horsburgh

Monday 26th November 
Taking our writing to the next level.

In literacy we have been focusing on ways to make our writing more engaging for the reader.
One way, is to use a variety of different sentences. Today we looked at 2A and double 2A sentences. Ask your child if they can explain what a 2A sentence looks like.

There are 10 for 10 on offer for anyone who can write 3 examples of 2A sentences or find examples of them in their reading books.
Mrs Horsburgh

Another 10 for 10
Well done to those people who answered the question about Goodnight Mr Tom it was indeed written byMichelle Magorian. It's a great book and the film makes me cry every time I watch it!!
Today in class we have been thinking about how using different types of sentences can make our writing more interesting. We had a go at writing somecomplex sentences.

Todays 10 for 10 (Remember that's 10 raffle tickets for the first 10 people) is.........
Can you change my simple sentence into a comple sentence. The more detail you can add the better.

My sentence is 
The boy ran across the playground.

Good luck 

Keep smiling through.

Our Day at Nottingham Castle was a great success and even though the weather was a little unkind to us in true war time spirit we kept on smiling through!

We had a great day and found out lots of interesting information about the war. We even brushed up our dancing skills and learned how to do the Lambeth Walk and how to Jitterbug.
I'd like to take this opportunity to say a great big thank you to all of 5H for the effort you made in dressing up and for your truly fantastic behaviour on the day, you all made me really proud.

Mrs Horsburgh's challenge 
In class we have been watching and reading Goodnight Mr Tom but do you know who the author is?
I have 10 raffle tickets for the 1st 5 people to find me the answer. 

Welcome to 5H's webpage!!!

This is where I will be posting all the latest news, views and celebrations from 5H. Remember to check the page regularly and 
look out for any secret questions and challenges that I might post.

Mrs Horsburgh
Jumping for joy to be in 5H

Jumping for joy to be in 5H