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Look back with pride and forward with confidence

Class 4S

NASA | Earth's Water Cycle

Here is a beautiful video with some amazing pictures taken from space showing the water cycle in action. some of the commentary is tricky, but I think there are some fantastic facts in there for us all.

Welcome back! 


Time flies when you are having fun and it is amazing to think that this is our final term. We are getting excited about Hathersage!  Make sure that you can

  • tie shoe laces
  • put a duvet into its cover on your own
  • pack your own bag and recognise the clothes
  • fit a special teddy in!


We will be collecting information about shoe sizes this week so that we can get the wellies sorted if you can take your own, that is fantastic. Make sure they are long wellies as we will be in the stream up to our knees!


We are going to start our learning journey this week with some in depth investigation into the wired and wonderful animal world. 


Can you spot the animals in these pictures?

Here's some details of the learning we have planned for this term.

Hathersage here we come!

What will you ask Mr Wilkes to change? Will we bring back afternoon playtime?!

Horrible Henry VIII.. hero or villain?

Who is this? What do you know about him? Do you think he is a goodie or a baddie? Why?





















Watch this video to find a little bit more.

Horrible Histories Prom 2011 Henry VIII Divorced Beheaded Died

Uploaded by ppeckc mcl on 2014-05-28.

Internet Safety Day Class Pledge

Still image for this video
4S considered how they could use the internet safely and wrote this class pledge about how to be sensible online.

We have been busy this week investigating perimeter. We have worked out how to find the perimeter of different squares and rectangles. Can you explain what the perimeter of a shape is?



The perimeter of a rectangle is 40 cm.

What could it look like?

How many different rectangles can you find?


Have a go at this at home and bring your answers into show us. Remember to use a system to help you find all the possible answers. Watch out for the pattern in the size of the rectangles.


Good luck!


Remember to do the homework too!


What a great week we had! The cricket coaching was great fun and we loved being scientists on Thursday afternoon.. even if everyone did think we were a bit mad shouting so loudly! You all worked really well as scientists looking for patterns in the readings that you got with the sound meters.

Homework celebration was amazing! We had some really creative work from Milla and Lyla, with great glitter glue and pasta words. Well done! We also had some really time consuming work from Martha, Lizzie and Nathan, Samuel and Ethan. Everyone should know exactly which times tables they are learning so make sure you find different ways of practising them. If you find a good ideas, bring it in to share with us. You will find some great games, like the one we played together on this site The  log in is cclspupil2 and password is cclspupil. Have fun! The connect 4 game we played last week is in the folder called Mrs Southwell's specials. Look for the folders down the right hand side of the screen when you have logged in.  See who you can find to play with.

We were really pleased that so many of you had a go on at home. Great! This week we are going to be debugging... !

We have had another great week in 4S. We have been finishing and editing our own fantasy stories and we are hoping that they will soon be published, ready for sharing at our Book Cafe at the end of term. you all worked hard on the reading and writing tasks we completed and it was lovely to hear everyone laughing and dancing on Friday. 

This week we are starting Candleby Life again so remember if you need to bring anything in on Monday. 



Week 3 homework. Make sure you choose the spellings you are learning.

Meet Oliver our new Flying High Writer. Great story opening Oliver!

Here are the spellings we are learning this term. Why not have a go at remembering them by making up a puzzle for us?

Can you learn these spellings?

We've had another fun week, learning all about sound waves, speech marks, speed tests and story writing. It was great to see so many people writing such exciting story openings. Look on the blog to see their pictures. Our homework celebration was really good and your instruments impressed Mrs Cawthorn a lot. Your behaviour did too! We learned a lot during cricket coaching and are really looking forward to this week's session. Check out this week's homework and if you want extra challenge, scroll down the pages to find some things to keep you busy. 


Mrs Southwell

This week we were really busy! As well as meeting Isobel and Edward, we learned how to multiply big numbers together and how we hear different sounds. Mykie and Kourtney both worked really hard to solve a tricky calculation. 

Already Ethan and Zane have returned their homework and made brilliant musical instruments, complete with instructions. It's going to be a noisy celebration event! 

Multiplying using place value counters

Year 4 homework week 1 SOUND

smileyReady for any challenge!smiley

Happy New Year! 

I hope that everyone has enjoyed their time at home and managed to get some sledging in! That was Cody's special wish for Christmas, Santa must have heard him! We really can make anything happen if we try really hard. 


Last term was great fun; we found out so much about the Egyptians didn't we? Flat Stanley was a great help too wasn't he?


This term we have got even more exciting things planned for you, so keep checking these pages. Start by scrolling down to see what challenges we have added for you already! See you soon!


Mrs Southwell




Find out what we are learning this term

Here are the spellings we are going to be working really hard to learn this half term. If you want to get a head start, put each one into a sentence and bring it into show me. I will give you 20 raffle tickets!










We are also on a mission to learn our multiplication and division facts. Can you work out the missing numbers in the wheel below?




What about this one?

Can you make up one for the class to solve? If you can bring it in and we will give you 3 stickers!

Reading was great fun! Who can you see?

We loved our reading award in the sensory room, reading with our teddies. Who can you spot? What are we reading?

What number can you see? We are using all sorts of representations to help us work really efficiently with numbers.

Milla has been sorting her skittles as part of our statistics work.

Kacey.. whyever are you standing on the table? Ask anyone in 4S why she is on the table.

Meet Martha, our very first Flying High writer! You can read her writing outside our classroom.

Meet the team

Year 4 letter to parents Autumn 2014



Welcome back!


We are really excited about the new term. We have a fantastic new classroom to settle into and all sorts of exciting learning planned. frown


We are going to be learning all about the Egyptians this term, so ask your parents and grandparents what they know... 


Here's a question to get you started...

What is the name of the largest pyramid in Egypt. 

Anyone who finds the answer and whispers it in my ear will get 25 raffle tickets!

Why not watch this video to find out how the pyramids were built?



Mrs Southwell