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Art and Design

BBC Teach Art and Design KS1/KS2

Artist Emma Majury demonstrates some basic artistic techniques in the realms of drawing, painting, photography, printing, collage, and sculpture.

Drawing for Mindfulness

How can I support my child with art?

1. Get messy!

Try to get hold of as many different types of drawing and painting resources as you can to let your child get creative and explore creating art using different materials. 

2. Use household objects creatively

Let them get creative using things around the house – for example, use recycling, pasta, toilet roll tubes...anything goes!

Encourage your child to keep a sketch book or to make mini sketches on paper. If you go out they can look for things to sketch – a tree, a building, a scene. If they see something they would like to draw, take a photo on your phone and let them sketch from it when they are home.

4. Celebrate your child's art

Praise your child’s creations and encourage them not to get disheartened if they feel they have made ‘mistakes’. Explain that art is about being creative and trying out different things. There is no right or wrong way to do things. You could even ‘frame’ their work using coloured paper or card and create a little gallery on the kitchen wall or in their bedroom to display their work.

5. Discuss and enjoy art together

Find out about local art galleries or museums, watch some YouTube tutorials or research artists online. 

Magical Beasts - How to draw a Niffler

Everyone's favourite mischief-making, gold-seeking creature - learn how to draw your very own Niffler in this Make It Magic video.

Lots of creativity! What stunning paintings!

Can you create your own garden art? 


What patterns, shapes and colours can you use? 

(Please ask permission from an adult first!)  


We would love to see your designs - please email us a photograph!

Examples courtesy of Artist James Brunt