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Art and DT

Week 5!

This week you can have fun learning to print...



Week 4!


Follow the link and watch this video - - notice how many different painting techniques are used to create the picture. 


Can you create your own sea-scape painting using different painting techniques AND materials? Maybe you could use a paintbrush, some toothpicks, a sponge... what else can you find?! - see below for an example.


Don't forget to show us your pictures!

Picture 1 I used a: paintbrush, sponge, stick and my finger!

WEEK 3 Creating a collage.

Week 2

This week we are going to focus on our drawing skills.  We are going to create a self-portrait.


What is a self-portrait?  Before we begin can you find out what a self-portrait is?  Carefully look in a mirror at your face, what do you notice?  Can you describe your features?


Now watch the video below which is going to help you draw a self-portrait.


Looking in a mirror carefully and using a pencil have a go at your own self-portrait.  Think about what you saw on the video to help you.


Now you have had an attempt.  Watch ‘Austin’s Butterfly’, do you remember seeing this in class?


Look at your work and think about what you like and what you need to improve.  Can you have a second attempt?  Compare it to the first.


Now you have mastered some of the skills of drawing a self-portrait can you now try a third attempt?  But this time can you do it so you add features to make you look like a pirate?  Maybe add some colour too.   


We can’t wait to see the results, email us a photograph.

Have fun!

Picture 1

Week 1


Hello Year 1! Please see the photos provided and read the information below - enjoy creating your masterpieces!


In the photos, I choose to finish my art in one go - but it's up to you whether or not you can do it in one day or spread it throughout the week! 


I found something on the internet which explains how you can make paints from natural materials - 


Basically, all paints are a type of dye and the colour comes from pigments.

Paints are made from two things: pigment and a binder. The binder helps the colour stay on whatever you’re painting on!

Every colour can be made by mixing other colours together: the primary colours. They’re red, blue, and yellow!

We’re going to make those colours and then you can mix these to make others.


Blue – blackberries, blackcurrants, blueberries!

Red – beetroot, rose petals, cranberries, strawberries!

Yellow – mustard powder, pumpkin, bee pollen!


The website also suggested some things that might make paint, would you find all of these things in the garden/on a walk?


I wonder if you could find out what pigment and binder mean?




If you wanted to spread your art throughout the week, here is an example timetable you may like to follow:


Monday -

Job 1: research what pigment and binder means. 

Job 2: can you create some colour number sentences for the primary and secondary colours? 

e.g. blue + red = purple (maybe you could use coloured pens?)


Tuesday - 

Job 1: on your daily exercise slot, could you go on a walk to collect materials? Remember to try and find things that may make the primary colours. 

Job 2: separate your natural materials into colour piles.


Wednesday - 

Job 1: squash SOME of your natural materials and add a drop of water to create your paint. 

Job 2: experiment with your paints - do you need to sieve them or are they okay lumpy?


Thursday - 

Job 1: with the rest of your natural materials, can you make the paint the same as you did yesterday? 

Job 2: can you choose something to paint? Maybe a flower or your pet? 


Friday - 

Job 1: can you experiment with mixing colours? Which colours can you make? 

Job 2: create a picture with your new colours! 

How Miss Reeves created her picture using natural materials!