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Addition (No bridging)

Moving on from place value, in this video we look at the concept of addition without bridging. Bridging in maths terminology means moving past a 10s boundary either up or down. In this video we WILL NOT be moving past a 10’s boundary as the key theme is to take it a step at a time for the children so they can see the link between place value and simple addition.

Addition (two 2-digit numbers)

In this video we look at adding all the parts of the previous together to consolidate understanding and use what we know to apply to adding two 2-digit numbers together. In the video we tackle examples looking at both bridging and non-bridging sums.

Addition (WITH bridging)

In this video we build in addition by now crossing the 10s boundary (e.g 29 - 30). The key concept in order to be successful at this is the children understanding that if we have ten 1’s, then this can be exchanged for one 10. For me this is really were the drawings of sticks and dots come into there own because the children can physically see what is happening in relation to place value.