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Year 3

Save the forests! Save the orangutans!


Year 3 have been finding out about what makes the rainforest such an extraordinary place. We have taken a 360 tour of rainforests and been in awe of the size of the emergent trees (25 classrooms high), the width of a single leaf in the canopy (7m wide - wider than our classroom!) and the sheer size of the buttress (wide trunk at the bottom of the tree).


We have watched a video of the plight of the orangutans that live in the rainforests in Borneo and Sumatra have wondered how we would feel if we were the orangutans. Take a look at some of our writing from this week. Next week we will be writing to the loggers to persuade them to stop.


Why not ask your child to try out some of the persuasive phrases they have learnt on you!

Rang-tan: the story of dirty palm oil

Sign the petition and tell big brands to stop using palm oil from forest destroyers: http://greenpeace.org/saverangtan Rang-tan's forest home is being destroyed to clear the way for palm oil - an ingredient used to make products for brands like Unilever, Mondelez and Nestlé.

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Wow! What amazing homework we have had this week - simply stunning!
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Year 3 are focussing on explaining our thoughts and ideas in maths. Isabel got this spot on today!
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This week 3S had a visitor to share a story.

Mr Chapman loves Roald Dahl and came to share his passion with us by reading a snippet of Fantastic Mr Fox. All children were fully involved with actions. We had a fantastic time. Thank-you!

Fantastic Mr Chapman!

Fantastic Mr Chapman! 1

Welcome back Year 3

We hope you've all had a fantastic holiday and are looking forward to starting your journey into Year 3.

Please come prepared with a bucket full of imagination as we delve into the world of dreams, revolting rhymes and unusual fairy tales.

We also have the "Booknite" challenge - more details to be revealed!

Year 3 have started their learning with a Roald Dahl theme. The staff are having fun!
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